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Turkmen Farmers Fulfill State Orders for Winter Wheat

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On June 27, Turkmen farmers informed about their notable achievements in wheat production, having harvested more than 1,600,000 tons of high-quality cereal grain.

Earlier this week, on June 25, Akhal velayat growers were the first in the country to report that they had fulfilled their contractual obligations and produced over 450,000 tons of wheat. The next day, Mary velayat farmers reported the yield of more than 380,000 tons.

On June 27, grain producers in Lebap, Dashoguz and Balkan velayats issued their grain production reports. The results are as follows: Lebap velayat - over 350,000 tons; Dashoguz velayat - over 300, 000 tons; Balkan velayat - over 120,000 tons of top-quality wheat.


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