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Gerogly Etrap in Dashoguz Velayat and Halach etrap in Lebap Velayat Reach Wheat Production Targets

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Farmers in Gerogly etrap are the first in Dashoguz etrap to meet their wheat production targets. Last year, the 16,000-hectare farmland was planted with high-yielding varieties of wheat (Sahrai and Moskovskaya). Wheat centers have already received 31,500 tons of fine wheat. A larger portion of the yield is top-quality seed grain.

Innovative farming methods and well-thought-out harvest strategies are the key to the farmers’ success. This allows keeping the harvesting operations non-stop, including a large fleet of farm machines running optimally. 39 John Deere and CLAAS combine harvesters and some 200 trucks are working on a twenty-four hour basis.

Harvesting operations are progressing smoothly and rapidly in the entire Dashoguz region. With a total of 157, 000 hectares under wheat, farmers are aiming to harvest 300,000 tons. At the farmers’ disposal are 380 harvesters, 117 mobile maintenance teams, and 1,900 trucks, transporting harvested wheat to the designated centers. Farmers in Rukhubelent and Gubadag etraps are among the high-performing leaders in the important seasonal campaign. Harvester operators and all those involved in harvesting are well cared for; field camps offer hot meals and a varied program of leisure activities.


Following wheat growers in Darganata and Kerki etraps, tenant farmers in Halach etrap, one the region’s leading wheat producers, boast spectacular results as well. They have produced a good yield of wheat (some 54,300 tons) grown on 25,000-plus hectares. Dedicated efforts of combine operators and drivers, the efficient organization of harvesting operations and grain deliveries, as well as field camps with excellent facilities and well-organized pastime activities were instrumental in reaping the crop promptly and without loss in the vast grain-growing area.

The harvest season continues.


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