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The President of Turkmenistan makes sudden inspection of combat readiness of National Army

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President, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Army general Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gave order right after midnight on operational readiness of relative divisions to combat readiness for inspection of the troops of National Army.

Personnel of military divisions were put on high alert, fighting jets and helicopters took off for military training centres. Combat training drills are aimed at the inspection of the readiness of Army personnel.

…Early in the morning, the Head of the State has come to the territory of one of the divisions of military and law enforcement agencies.

At the central entrance, President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Army General Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov was greeted by the Heads of military and law enforcement agencies. Minister of Interior of Turkmenistan I. Mulikov reported on the readiness of personnel of the military division.

The President, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan went to the central building of the military detachment. After, the Head of the state went to the drill ground where soldiers and officers lined up. Turkmen leader greeted military personnel.

Service dogs of alabay breed and horses, which have an important role in work of the structure of the Ministry of Interior, were on the same ground with military personnel. This idea also belongs to the President of Turkmenistan to use alabays and ahalteke horse in the activity of the structures of the ministry as reliable assistant, which is continuation of ancient traditions of Turkmen nation.

Brave military personnel no just looks good on excellent horses but also provides mobile and manoeuvrable resources in protection of law, order and security of the society, which is suitable for serving at big public events or patrolling park and forest zones. The alabays have also demonstrated good abilities in search and guard work after special training.

After, the President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces visited the barracks where he inspected living conditions made for soldiers. The Head of the State expressed special interest in provision of necessary items, provision of uniform and other gear and medical services.

The President has also inspected the provision of class rooms, barber shop and other rooms, which have all what is required for fulfilment of service duties by officers and soldiers. Food cooked from eco-friendly production in the canteen of military division meets the requirements by quality and ingredients.

Military personnel expressed the gratitude to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for necessary conditions for sport and arts in free time.

Military camp of the division has Cultural Club with everything what is necessary for ceremonial and other events as well as medical department, which rooms are provided with equipment allowing providing all kinds of medical services. Sport ground also has all necessary for different sport exercises, improvement and development of physical condition.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has come to special observation stand of the drill and training ground. From the stand, the Head of the State has watched demonstrations prepared by military personnel of special task force groups.

Presented military tactical drills have visually demonstrated combat abilities of the Motherland’s defenders. It was also visual evidence that Turkmen soldiers are able to use any equipment and weapons.

Military and combat training of young soldiers is carried out by systematic theoretical and practical lessons, improvement of techniques and learning of combat equipment. The participation of soldiers and officers in military and tactical drills and training combat activities enhances their combat skills and provides acquiring good experience.

Skills of Goragchy the service dog have been also demonstrated. In March 2016, border guard personnel of the country presented the puppy to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. For this period, the dog underwent training course provided by military personnel. Today, Goragchy follows all command, having masters special skills.

Information and propaganda activities on military service, combat, social and humanitarian training, combination of combat training with physical and sport events, stimulation of the best personnel according to the level are carried out among the youth.

Military tactical drills held in different regions of the country together with improvement of professional level of military personnel provide the enhancement of combat readiness and ability to solve combat task operatively. The Head of the State notes that it opens wide opportunities for military personnel to fulfil their duties with honour.

Skill level of the soldiers of special task force group of the Ministry of Interior of Turkmenistan, demonstration of sharp shooting by the group of snipers using different types of combat bow, shooting of special task force group on moving targets at special shooting range were very impressive.

Shooting on the targets from combat weapons, the Head of the State has demonstrated again his accuracy of professional shooter. As is known, the President do different sports including the shooting from his young age and he achieved high results in this direction.

President, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan Army General Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished soldiers and officers success in their responsible service and went to the territory of the military vehicles parking.

Having expressed the interest in technical specification of presented combat vehicles, the President highlighted that the state would take care of the strengthening of equipment and facility base of military and law enforcement agencies, having focused on the necessity of efficient use of modern military equipment.

Various transport vehicles made in the Republic of Uzbekistan were among presented equipment. The Head of the State inspected the samples and expressed the interest in technical specification as well as gave number of assignments for further development of cooperation with neighbouring country.

The President ordered to hold under attention the implementation of innovative technologies in all structures of military and law enforcement agencies including the Ministry of Interior, improvement of professional level of military personnel, creation of favourable conditions for their service and life.

Having noted that the state would continue supporting the works in this direction, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the country Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished success in responsible service to military personnel and left the place of event.

Helicopter operated by President, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov arrived to the place of military exercises.

Upon arrival, Minister of Defence B. Gundogdiyev reported to the Head of the state o the readiness to combat drills.

… New generation attack aircraft, which was supplied to the Armed Forces of the country, appeared in the sky. It distinguished by high manoeuvrability, which is very important in mountain conditions. It is also able to make reconnaissance flights. Light attack aircraft is designated for training of the Air force pilots, destroy of illegal armed groups on light armoured vehicles in mountain and desert places, air surveillance and reconnaissance during combat activities or in frontier zones.

The aircraft has wide range of capabilities for fulfilment of combat tasks of the Air Force and provision of reliable protection of air space of the country. The attack plane is given big role in protection of air space. Combat aircraft demonstrated various flight acrobatics like free fall, loop, vertical take-off, rotation.

In the meantime, measures for reception and training of mobilized reserves was carried out at the training ground, in reception outpost of reserved military personnel, which was deployed for training purposes. At the same time, two MiG 29 fighter jets made reconnaissance flight of the battle field. They also cover the troops from air attacks.

Group of four SU 25 was flying over the battle field for rocket and bomb attack on group target of military convoy. After, having divided into two combat formation, the jet fighters strike rocket attack.

After, the aircrafts made manoeuvres and open the fire for full elimination of small targets. At the same time, special clean-up divisions deployed the stations for elimination of the substance, which make harm to the environment. Augusta 109 helicopters open rocket fire.

Hiding at low altitudes for direct air strike, Mi 24 combat helicopters of the Air Forces made tactical manoeuvres and open the fire on targets from cannons.

Tactical manoeuvres for attack of military facilities and rocket attack complexes have been made. Special task force groups lands using ropes from Mi 17 attack helicopters for taking over operational and tactic rocket complex, which was detected at far distance.

The groups attacked rocket launching facility and navigation vehicles from two sides. This attack was visual confirmation that military personnel is able to solve the tasks. Moving rapidly on vehicles and quadbikes, special task forces of military and law enforcement agencies of the country “Türkmen edermen” attacked the facility.

According to the scenario of military exercise, armed groups make the actions aimed at taking over production facility and its infrastructure.

Having assessed the situation, special task force groups Türkmen edermen and armed groups of rescue works organize joint work on prevention and mitigation of emergency situation.

Joint activities started from elimination of the enemy by snipers of Türkmen edermen group. After suppressing of the fire sources, special task force groups made training on tactical and special activities for attacking of buildings and facilities, destroy of the targets immitatign light armoured transport of enemy as well as capturing of armed groups, which tried to run away from the battlefield by bus.

At the same time rescue groups of the General Department of Civil Defence and Rescue Works of the Ministry of Defence of Turkmenistan takes measures for prevention of spreading of toxic substances and mitigation of harmful impact.

Performing the task on defence against air strike of the enemy, rocket complexes destroyed different targets during the exercises. In certain time, the target imitating an enemy aircraft was launched in the air and was destroyed by accurate strike of modern rocket complex.

Artillery divisions destroyed the targets using different firing modes from rocket systems.

Tanks carried out the task on destroy of the enemy on land. During the march, tan platoon reached certain point and opened the fire on the targets of enemy destroying it on different distances and demonstrating high combat skills.

Coordination of troops on destroy of small unmanned airborne vehicles (drones), which are used for different purposes, by different methods was carried out. Their attempt to infiltrate the territory of facility with radio electronic military complex was suppressed by the fire from Shilka antiaircraft complex , which was available at the facility for protection.

Territorial defence troops of the Ministry of defence of Turkmenistan and special task force groups Türkmen edermen carried out joint tactical and special activities for defence against attack of armed groups at the facility under guard. Personnel on guard of the facility used engineering and technical defence means and destroyed the group.

Armed group, which was using another route to move by vehicles for support of the attack, has been located. Special task force group on quadbikes covered by armoured vehicles attacked and destroyed the enemy.

After, detachments of ground troops and special forces of the Ministry of Defence exercise the activity in military convoy. Armed group that was in ambush along the route was destroyed by armoured vehicles. Light armoured vehicle, which attempted to block the convoy, was destroyed by artillery fire.

The troops are deployed in military order and start the attack from close distance. From the beginning of attack, personnel started destroying the targets leaving the vehicles. Dangerous targets, which are represented by light armoured vehicles, were destroyed by fire from handheld flamethrowers.

In the meantime, personnel jumped in the vehicles and continued moving to the next level for another task. Special task force groups of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan jumped with parachutes from different altitude from Mi 17 helicopters.

After, Türkmen edermen special task force groups demonstrated tactical combat actions. During demonstration, the soldier showed their hand weapons skills using machine and hand guns in different positions.

Continuing the exercise, detachments from reserve practiced in hand-to-hand combat and military practical actions in the zone with obstacles. Air and antiaircraft forces, detachments of land troops as well as Türkmen edermen special task force groups demonstrated their improved skills in defusing and destroy of enemy forces including subversive groups that infiltrated to the territory of our state.

Upon the completion of military exercises, President, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov left by bicycle. As is known, cycling and mass cycling races have gained big popularity in our country. development of sports including the cycling is one of key directions of the government policy, which is aimed at the promotion of healthy life style in the society.

Riding the bicycle, the Head of the State started making turns on the line of the targets, which were placed there. At this moment, the President opened fire on targets. Accurately hitting the targets, Turkmen leader has demonstrated again his physical fitness and skills, having given an excellent example for military personnel especially for the youth.

After, the Head of the State looked around the exhibition of military equipment, which demonstrated different samples of available and new military equipment of the Armed Forces.

Having looked around the equipment, combat weapons and their technical specifications, Turkmen leader expressed the confidence that personnel of military and law enforcement agencies would be able to master skilful operation of the equipment.

Having wished the success in fulfilment of military duty for protection of native land, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov left the place of event.


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