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Grain Growers in Dashoguz and Balkan Velayats Take Over Seasonal Baton

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As the winter wheat harvest is gathering pace in Turkmenistan, farmers in Dashoguz and Balkan velayats started harvesting operations on June 12.

With the total area under wheat in Dashoguz velayat reaching 157,000 hectares, farmers are aiming to produce 300,000 tons of grain. Local growers tend to favor high-yielding wheat varieties well adapted to the region’s soil and climatic conditions.

380 farm machines, mostly John Deere (USA) and CLAAS (Germany) combine harvesters, will be working in the fields during the 2019 harvest campaign. 117 mobile maintenance crews will provide around-the-clock services and will keep grain farmers plentifully supplied with everything needed – fuel, lubricants, and spare parts.

Combine harvester operators, drivers and other farmworkers received adequate work-related safety and fire safety training. Field camps pitched for them boast all necessary facilities and mobile shops. Events featuring artists will be also organized for those engaged in the harvesting operations.

1,900 trucks are to transport harvested wheat from the fields to designated grain centers. After going through drying and cleaning processes, a portion of harvested wheat will be saved to plant next year’s crop; the rest of the grain will not only be ground into flour but will be also stored permanently at elevators in Gerogly, Boldumsaz, S. Turkmenbashi and other etraps. Turkmenstandartlary Main State Service’s mobile laboratories are well-equipped and stand all ready to enable specialists to promptly evaluate the quality of wheat.

As for farmers in Balkan velayat, they are working towards a production target of 120, 000 tons of wheat this year. The region’s winter wheat areas cover some 60, 000 hectares, for the most part, these are farmlands in daikhan associations in Serdar and Bereket etraps. Much has been done to raise an abundant grain crop in terms of close adherence to accepted agronomic practices and optimal crop management.

Necessary preparatory measures were taken in the region to make every day effective at harvest time. With scores of combine harvesters now working in the fields, a host of service and repair facilities, well stocked with trucks, spare parts and lubricants, are readily available to keep agri-machinery running optimally.

Prior to the start of the season, the regions had hosted special seminars attended by representatives of velayat and etrap khyakimliks, adept agronomists, harvester operators, and tenant farmers. The seminar participants focused on the issues of ensuring the effective organization of the harvest campaign and keeping it non-stop.


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