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State Committee for organized grain harvest is formed

опубликованно 24.05.2019 // 493 - просмотров

At the session of the Government, the Head of the State ordered to start grain harvest campaign in Ahal, Lebap and Mary Velayats on June 5 and in Balkan and Dashoguz Velayats on June 12.

The President signed the Resolution according to which the State Committee for organized grain harvest 2019 has been formed up for provision of timely harvest of the yield without any losses, uninterrupted transportation to grain storages and elevators, timely settlement of the payments with grain producers.

The document also assigns:

The Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Protection to organize proper technical service of grain harvesters on sites and to provide their productive and uninterrupted work during harvest period;

The Ministry of Industry and Communication to provide timely transportation of produced wheat from the fields to reception facilities, warehouses and elevators as well as uninterrupted and efficient work of transport based on the contract with the Minsitry of Agriculture and Natural Protection.

According to the document, the Ministry of Agricultrue and Natrual Protection is allowed using the transport of other ministries and departments as well as private vehicles on contractual base for transportation of the wheat to reception facilities, grain warehoses and elevators.


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