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Meeting of President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov and Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon

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On June 13, the Turkmen capital hosted the talks between President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov and Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon who had arrived in our country on an official visit the day before.

Welcoming the high guest in the Turkmen land, the nation’s leader has stressed that he is sincerely glad to receive again in Ashgabat the head of the United Nations Organizations. Turkmenistan and the UN have been linked by long-term fruitful and strategic cooperation. Having noted that in our country much significance is attached to the UN Secretary-General’s visit to our country, the head of Turkmen state expressed confidence that the meeting would contribute to further development of the traditional bilateral partnership in the interests of universal peace, security and well-being.

Having highlighted that the running year is remarkable for celebrating the 20th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s permanently neutral status, the high guest has warmly congratulated President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov on the remarkable date. Noteworthy is the significant fact that our 20th anniversary of neutrality status coincided with the 70th anniversary of establishing the United Nations is also celebrated this year, Mr. Ban Ki-moon noted.

Discussing key areas and prospects of the Turkmenistan-UN partnership, the nation’s leader and the eminent guest spoke in favor of further strengthening and unleashing the potential of the constructive interaction.

The ecological aspect as an integral factor of global sustainable development was outlined as one of the overriding vectors of cooperation.

During the meeting, the President of Turkmenistan and the UN Secretary-General also exchange opinions on a number of other vital issues of the regional and global agenda.
Then, the enlarged talks were held in the “Gorkut Ata” Hall with participation of members of the two parties’ delegations.

Lofty humanistic ideals of the United Nations – building of peaceful and equitable relations between the states and peoples, mutual respect for cultures and national models of development - are the Turkmenistan’s main principles in the dialogue with foreign countries, the Turkmen leader stressed.
Full-scale, goal-oriented and long-term cooperation with the UN is our country’s strategic choice. In this connection, the head of state emphasized that the interaction between Turkmenistan and the Global Community of Nations had recently assumed more active and fruitful character, having adsorbed a whole spectrum of important areas – ranging from security issues to the development of democratic institutions, environmental protection and gender policy.

Scores of specialized agencies and institutions of the United Nations Organization operate in our country on continuing basis. Among them are the UN Development Program, the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees, United Nations Children’s Fund, the World Health Organization, UN Drugs Control Office, United Nations Population Fund. We widely support such cooperation, the President of Turkmenistan said.

The United Nations Regional Center for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia has been working in Ashgabat for 7 years. Its opening once again confirmed a unified approach of the world community towards creating necessary conditions for peaceful and harmonious development of the regions, cooperation between Central Asian countries and the UN, other authoritative international structures. We regard location of the Center in Ashgabat as a token of great trust and respect for our neutral state, the head of Turkmenistan stressed.

Our country has put forward an initiative on adopting on the UN level the Declaration on the priority of applying the political-diplomatic instrumentalities and measures for tackling the international issues and achieving the goal – strengthening of the good-neighborly relations and cooperation in Central Asian and the Caspian Sea Region. In this connection, the nation’s leader voiced a proposal to create a mechanism of regular holding multilateral political negotiations with participation of the region’s states and neighboring countries, as well as the international organizations concerned. According to the Turkmen side, this form of cooperation will make a positive impact on the political, economic and humanitarian situation in the region. As the first step towards bringing into being the mechanism, Turkmenistan proposes to hold a conference on the security and cooperation in Central Asia under the aegis of the United Nations. At the same time, the head of state expressed confidence that the UN Secretary-General would support the initiative.

Having outlined settlement of the political situation in Afghanistan as one of today’s vital issues, the leader of nation has spoken for the necessity of rendering support to the positive reforms ongoing in the country, giving practical assistance to the Afghan people in reaching accord and unity in the country. Turkmenistan, as a neutral state, offers its political space for holding full-scale talks under the auspices and active participation of the United Nations. Speaking of this, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov has emphasized that along with the political issues, it is necessary to provide positive economic assistance to Afghanistan, to encourage the country’s participation in the regional dialogue and prospective projects.

Among the top-priority objectives set before the global community of nations, the head of state also specified the continuation of the talks on the measures aimed at integrating the efforts for achieving non-proliferation of weaponry and disarmament, strengthening the international legal basis in this field. In the context of the disarmament measures, what is above all needed is to upgrade the relevant agencies of the United Nations. In this connection, the President of Turkmenistan spoke in favor of advisability of giving consideration to the issue of establishing the UN Regional Center for Disarmament in Asia.

Having highlighted Turkmenistan’s adherence to active cooperation with the Community of Nations on the energy security issues, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov has stressed that our country counts on assistance and support of the UN Secretary-General.
Turkmenistan also attaches great importance to the partnership with the UN in the climate change and environmental issues. On this basis, we assign a prominent role to the Organization in implementing the agreements reached at the “Rio+20” World Summit.

As known, the Interstate Commission for Sustainable Development of Central Asia has assigned Turkmenistan to coordinate its decisions made in June 2007 and November 2008, in association of the region’s states on the climate change issues. In this connection our country seeks efficient cooperation in the region, the head of state highlighted. Demonxtrating the most responsible approach to the work, Turkmenistan has recently put forward a number of concrete initiatives aimed at activating regional cooperation, creating necessary systemic mechanisms. In particular, the talk is about establishing the Regional Center for Climate Change Technologies.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, the President of Turkmenistan presented the UN Secretary-General a proposal to support the initiative for taking concrete decisions on the establishment of the within-said institution in the near future. As of now, the organizational, technical, financial and other documents related to the Center have been worked out, and we are ready to submit them for consideration by the UN Secretariat, the head of Turkmen state said.

The President of Turkmenistan has also voiced a proposal to open the United Nations Office in Ashgabat to tackle the Central Asia-related issues, having emphasized that the Turkmen party is ready to defray the expenses related to construction and maintenance of the Office.

In conclusion, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov has specially stressed the tremendous merits of the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in maintaining peace, security and sustainable development on the planet, as well as expressed sincere gratitude to him for his personal long-standing contribution to the cooperation with Turkmenistan.

Welcoming the Turkmen leader’s efforts in advancing cooperation with the United Nations, as well as expressing gratitude for the considerable assistance in the work ofthe United Nations Regional Center for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia, Mr. Ban Ki-moon stressed the importance of Turkmenistan’s constructive policy in enhancing security and sustainable development in the region, further advancing of the productive partnership.

Placing accent on the effectiveness of the Regional Center’s activity, the UN Secretary-General emphasized the significance of water issues for Central Asia, including the ongoing land improvement projects.

In the course of his speech, Mr. Ban Ki-moon also highlighted the need to further integrate the counterterrorism efforts. The relevant Action Plan of the United Nations is destined to become an important step in this field; and it is highly appreciated at regional and international level, the UN Secretary-General said.

Noting with satisfaction Turkmenistan’s upward trends in the economic development, Mr. Ban Ki-moon has stressed that despite the continuing financial-economic crisis, our country has made great achievements in this field.

Touching upon the environmental issues, the high guest has also noted that the climate change program is being successfully implemented in Turkmenistan. One such is the ongoing large-scale tree-planting program that contributes to strengthening the country’s ecological well-being.

Having focused on the issues of international relations in the field of energy, the UN Secretary-General highlighted the importance of the projects implemented by Turkmenistan in the sphere of renewable energy sources, in particular, practical application of solar and wind energy. In turn, the United Nations agencies are carrying out the efficient work in this area as well.

The work carried out by the UN is also related to the financial-economic field. In this connection, Mr. Ban Ki-moon addressed a request to the nation’s leader to support the efforts and proposals of the United Nations in this direction; this would also be a clear evidence of the worldwide triumph of the policy pursued by President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov in this field.

As the UN Secretary-General noted, owing to the Turkmen leader’s deliberate and forward-looking policy, the Development Program for 2016-2030 is expected to be supported. In this context, Mr. Ban Ki-moon highly appraised the successful development of Turkmenistan’s economy based on the principles of diversification.

The UN Secretary-General has also expressed confidence that Turkmenistan, which closely cooperates with the World Health Organization, the World Bank, UNESCO and other agencies, will render support to the formation of the relevant information database. All countries of the world and international organizations will have the opportunity to use the information. It is one of our initiatives, Mr. Ban Ki-moon said, having highlighted the significance of the would-be unified coordinated database. As noted, this will enable to expand databases of different banks, in particular, the Asian Development Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, banks of Middle East.

Sincerely appreciative to the nation’s leader of the assistance rendered to the activity of the UN Resident Coordinator in Turkmenistan, as well as of the proposal on building the Resident Coordinator’s Office, the UN Secretary-General also supported the proposal of the President of Turkmenistan to hold a regional conference for ensuring security in Afghanistan.

After the enlarged talks, the President of Turkmenistan and the UN Secretary-General proceeded to the “Magtymguly” Hall to make a statement to the press.

From the Presidential Palace Complex “Oguzkhan”, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon proceeded to the International University of the Humanities and Development where a solemn ceremony was held of conferring the title of “Doctor Emeritus” of this higher educational institution upon the high guest.
In the course of the talk held there the head of the University familiarizes the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon with the history and opportunities of the International University of the Humanities and Development.

After presentation, the members of the UN delegation headed to the conference hall of the University where they were welcomed by the representatives of the capital’s scholarly community, the University’s faculty, and students.

Opening the solemn ceremony, Chancellor of the International University of the Humanities and Development E.Aidogdyev on behalf of the people assembled warmly greeted the high guest, having stressed that the event will go down in history of the University as a special significant date.

As was noted, demonstrating active position in the solution of topical issues of the present, cooperation with the UN is regarded as a strategic direction of the Turkmenistan’s foreign policy pursued by the leader of nation Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov. In association with the UN leading specialized agencies and institutions, the important national programs and projects are being realized in our country. And the present visit of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to Turkmenistan attests to the two sides’ adherence to further strengthening of the multifaceted interaction for the benefit of universal peace, prosperity and progress.

Then addressing the people assembled, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, in turn, congratulated them on a significant event –joining of the International University of the Humanities and Development to the global initiative of the UN “Interaction with academic circles” (UNAI).

An official launch of the program, realized by the Department of public information, took place in November, 2010 in the UN headquarters in New York. The idea of its establishment belongs to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Its goal is – supporting by the academic community (represented by higher educational institutions specialized in different fields) of the UN principles and initiatives related to the human rights, sustainable development, strengthening of peace, and solution of the conflicts, as well as development of education, cultural dialogue, and other aspects of international relations. Up to date, over 900 higher educational establishments from over 100 countries of the world and about 40 academic communitiess have joined this initiative.

To the applaud of the audience, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon presents the Chancellor of the International University of the Humanities and Development with a relevant certificate.

The Supreme Certification Committee of Turkmenistan announces ceremoniously its decision on conferring upon the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon the title “Doctor Emeritus” of the International University of the Humanities and Development for his great personal contribution to expansion of the multifaceted cooperation between Turkmenistan and the United Nations Orhanization.

To the general applause of the ceremony participants, the head of the University puts the national Turkmen robe and white national hat (telpek) on the UN Secretary General and presents him with a corresponding diploma.

Upon completion of the solemn ceremony, after waving farewell to the people assembled, the UN head left the International University of the Humanities and Development.

In the second half of the day the UN Secretary General paid his visit to the Mejlis of Turkmenistan where the meeting with the chairwoman and heads of committees of the national parliament was held.
In the course of meeting, the UN head and members of his delegation were familiarized with the main functions and activities of the highest legislative body of Turkmenistan in the light of the President-initiated cardinal reforms carried out in the legislative sphere and aimed at speeding up realization of large-scale transformative programs of state development.

During his stay in the country, the UN Secretary General visited the UN Permanent Representation in Turkmenistan where he held a meeting with the staffers of the UN agencies accredited toTurkmenistan, as well as with representatives of social organizations.

After the meeting in the UN Permanent Representation, the UN Secretary General visited a reputable international organization - the UN Regional Centre for Preventative Diplomacy for Central Asia. There, the UN Secretary General met with foreign and local journalists. In his speech, the UN Secretary General placed special emphasis on the significance of the Centre’s activity. Established in December 2007, the Center plays an overriding role in solution of the focal regional issues, in strengthening in the region of the trust- and respect-based climate.


In the evening, in honour of the high guest, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov gave an official dinner where the head of Turkmen state and the UN Secretary General exchanged speeches.
Noteworthy is the fact that the present visit of the UN head to our country coincided with his birthday. In this connection, the congratulatory wishes of the best of health, wellbeing and great success in his responsible work were addressed to the high guest.


That same day, the spouse of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon – Mrs. Ban Sun-Taek who accompanied him during the visit, was received in the Central Council of the Union of Women of our country. Speciallyfor the high guest a cultural program was prepared which included an exposition, the performance of music-song groups, as fashion show prepared by the Ministry of Textile Industry of Turkmenistan and the Fashion House “Gulzaman”.


In the morning of June 14, upon completion of his official visit to Turkmenistan, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon headed to the international airport to depart from Ashgabat.


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