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Works of the contest for the best image of ahalteke horse are presented

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Exposition of works, which were presented to the contest among artists for the best image of ahalteke horse, was opened in the exhibition centre of the State Art Academy of Turkmenistan. The contest, which was instituted by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, is held for the ninth time in our country.

First time, the contest was organized in 2011. The first experimental exhibition has a great success while the idea itself was welcomed with huge enthusiasm by artistic community.

From 2012, the contest for artistic imaging of the beauty of ahalteke horses in works of visual, decorative and applied arts among carpet makers, jewellers, artists, sculptors has been officially instituted by the Resolution of the President of Turkmenistan. For these years, it became prestigious among the representatives of cultural sphere as well as became new impulse not only for the artists but also photographers, TV operators, designers, those who represent the directions of printing media that has visual influence on wide audience.

Therefore, the idea of the head of the State received visual embodiment, having included artistic capabilities of the country to the sphere of activity taken in Turkmenistan under personnel patronage of the Head of the State for the development of horse breeding, equestrian sport and expansion of the glory of ahalteke horses around the world.

The organizers of the exhibition noted many youth including the students of the State Art Academy of Turkmenistan as well as its graduate, teachers and students of specialized art school among the authors of the works presented at the contest. Undoubtedly, famous painters and masters of decorative and applied arts have also presented their works. Another feature of the review is in great number of genres and styles, original forms, unusual techniques, which indicate active creative processes in art environment of the country and search for new ways of development.

There is no signatures of the authors, only the number for impartiality of the evaluation. If famous painters can be recognized by the style, in this case everybody is equal in the term of source of inspiration. Sometimes, it is difficult to guess whose work it is when it surprise with original interpretation of famous plot with horse – is it new artist who is searching for new own style or famous artist who wants to surprise sophisticated audience.

Beautiful and charming equestrian world is opened in the exposition hall. The horse are on the podium of national love there – they are embodied in all possible images – on the background of nature, during races, in the plots of rural life, episodes of national traditions, celebrations…

The horse is loyal friend and company for Turkmen people; it is reliable associate and example of harmony. Therefore, there is no surprise that there are many legends, wise stories, fairy tales and sayings about it. Creative inspiration of the nation gave magic to the horse and very often its image is compared with a soul of human associating with dream, success and everything what is good. All of these was reflected in national art from ancient times until our days.

The horse subject is rich material for the artist, who expresses his feelings through the image of horse or is able to confer the condition of lyrical view, childish enthusiasm or natural power, to embody heroic pathos or tender care and love. This can be continued without the end…

Magnificent horses on pictures and carpets, in metal, stone or wood filled all space of the exhibition hall of the Art Academy. History and modern time, heritage and new look at the surrounding world, everyday life and pathetic of achievements have merged there.

The authors presented the image of horse as a sample of beauty, grace, subject of admiration and worshiping. All of these is opened in the narration of the contest exposition where the items of classical painting school live close to bold innovative ideas and traditional luxury decorations made from precious metals and stones for the horses live close to the installations made of glass, mirrors, lights, applications and play of forms and shapes.

Some of works impress with photographic accuracy of small details while other with the fantasy of authors and symbolism of artistic summarization. The carpet canvas named “Rovach” is one of the examples of this. Everybody recognize the foal who received its name from President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

The words from the poem “Rovach” of the Head of the State are weaved in the right part of the carpet. They change the colours from one to another. The same range of pure and clear colours is followed in the ornament of the framing of the carpet. Rainbow of fresh morning raises above the foal on spring meadow and reflected in the pattern of ‘alaja’ on the neck of the horse.

This is the way the image of the age of creation and prosperity, active growth and new discoveries is made of subtle details, symbols, colour combination, which gives an inspired mood to the spectator. There is another thought that was put in this work: the horse is a symbol of work. It requires plenty of efforts and painstaking work, skills, knowledge, talent and love before it will start admire with its beauty, grace and speed. That is why this is the horse that became the image of the energy, with which the country gains the success in its development.

The exhibition of the works timed to National Turkmen Horse Celebration would be interesting not only for true connoisseurs of horses but also for those who are not impartial to perfect beauty of magnificent and noble horse, which became the treasure of the world.


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