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The Head of the FIAS meets with representatives of sport community of Turkmenistan

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President of the International Sambo Federation, who is currently in Ashgabat, had a meeting in the Martial Art Complex of the Olympic village with representatives of sport community of our country including titled sambo wrestlers, winners of prestige awards at different competitions of the world level.

They include two twice world champion in mix fight Dovetjan Yagshimuradov, the first representative of Turkmenistan, who became the ACB Champion (Absolute Championship Berkut) and the Champion of ACA Tournament (Absolute Championship Akhmat) in light heavy weight.

Sport carrier of Dovletjan has started in 2012. By that time, when he was 24, he already had the titles of the Champion of Turkmenistan in Karate, the champion of Kharkov region in free fight and grappling.

Back in 2016, D. Yagshimyradov has signed the contract with the ACB (Absolute Championship Berkut) and already in May 2018, Turkmenfighter became the ACB Champion, having confidently taken over Batraz Agnayev from Russian. In februart 2019, he won the title of the first champion of ACA united tournament, having won the opponent fro Poland Karol Selinsky in the fourth round.

Whatever arena D. Yagshimuradov competed in, he always comes out with Turkmen flag being proud of the country. It was recently in Warsaw, when he became the ACA Champion. Back then, our sportsmen expressed the gratitude to the President of Turkmenistan for his attention to the development of sports in the country and expressed the gratitude to all compatriots for support. It has been mentioned by sport reporters in air who called him a patriot.

After the meeting, Vasily Shestakov gave interview to representatives of Turkmen mass media, having shared his impression and thoughts about future development of cooperation and told about the conversation with the Head of Turkmenistan.

The guest made special mention of outstanding role of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, who initiated large-scale reforms in national sport sphere, comprehensive work for propaganda and popularization of sports, mass physical training movement and principles of healthy life style, promotion of the Olympic movement.

Excellent sport skills of the Head of the State are the results on many year of physical training and sport. In his school years and youth, Turkmen leader went in for free style and classic wrestling, participated in different competitions, achieved high results and victories, having become the Champion of Ashgabat in classic wrestling in 1972 and the champion of the country in shooting in 1973.

This is due to priority attention of the President, sports receives more and more supporters and bigger social importance in Turkmenistan.

The main goal of the development of the strategy of sport development and assertion of healthy life style in the society is to make the conditions that sports and physical training would become mass occurrence especially among children, youth, young men and women. It is not occasionally that methods of physical development of growing generation is referred to as ‘pedagogics of long-term effect’ as this pedagogics forms up not just a sportsman, not only an individual but the society itself.

Vasily Shestakov also noted the far-seeing and steadfast character of the policy of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in sport sphere, formation of its modern equipment and facility base, stimulation of personnel potential with the attraction of the experience of the best coaches from other countries.

Turkmenistan has already proven its ability to organize big sport events on deserving level. In this context, the guest expressed the confidence that due to the support of Turkmen leader, the World Sambo Championship 2020 would also be held on high level.


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