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Turkmen sportsmen win seven medals of Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi

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Our sportsmen won three gold, two silver and two bronze medals at the World Summer Games of Special Olympics, which were held in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).

National team of our country was represented by 15 sportsmen, who participated in tennis, Ping-pong, track and field athletics, badminton, gymnastics, swimming and judo competitions.

Enebay Semenderova and Myahri Myratnazarova successfully performed in artistic gymnastics and reached the top place of the podium.

Totally, Enebay won four medals – two gold in exercises with ball and jumping rope as well as silver and bronze medals in show performance with hoop and exercises with band accordingly.

Myahri Myratnazarova has also became the leader in the performance with balls in her group, having added gold medal to the collection of our team.

Tennis players Umyt Amandurdiyev (badminton) and Roman Omarov (tennis) have brought silver and bronze medals to the collection box of Turkmen team.

The tournament, which brought together around 8,000 sportsmen from more than 170 countries, is not only the largest sport event but also a great humanitarian action aimed at the adaptation of people with limited capabilities. The main achievement of Special Olympics is the assertion that sports is available for everyone who strives for victory, new achievements regardless of age and health condition.


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