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Exhibition timed to the 11th anniversary of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs is opened in Turkmen capital

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Exhibition timed to the 11th anniversary of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, which unites more than 22,000 representatives of private business who make big contribution to social and economic reforms, has been opened in the Trade and Industrial Chamber.

Members of the Government and National Parliament, representative of diplomatic corps accredited in Turkmenistan, ministries and departments, public and mass media took part in the opening ceremony.

The participants have listened to the greeting message of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov where it was highlighted that optimum legal, economic, financial and social conditions have been made in our country for constructive development of small and medium business and private initiatives.

At the entrance to the building of the Trade and Industrial Chamber, the visitors of profile exposition are met with stylized business quarter, where organizers have placed small models of offices of the UIET and Rysgal Joint Stock Commercial Bank, Berkarar Shopping and Entertainment Centre and other. Big monitor demonstrates the video about the achievements of entrepreneurs who make huge input to the implementation of integrated country’s development programmes.

Display with the artefacts from Shehristan, one of the most interesting and insufficiently explored monument on caravan route between oases of Ahal and Khorezm, is located nearby. As is known, study of medieval facility has entered an active stage under the sponsorship of the UIET. Patron’s project gave start to new direction in versatile activity of Turkmen business.

188 private companies specialized in such spheres as industry, agriculture, construction and building materials, processing and food industry, transport, logistics, tourism, education trade and services, information and communication technologies and many other directions presented their displays at current review.

Presentation of Rysgal Joint Stock Commercial Bank introducing new service – the QR code payment, attracted great attention of the participants of the review. This type of transactions is very popular in Asian countries and it will support intensive development of digital economy in our country.

Stands of Türkmen tranzit introducing the capabilities of POS-terminals, which allow making bank transaction by contactless smart cards attract attention of the guests.

National entrepreneurs actively implement advanced technologies to their activity. Modern plans producing bricks, metal concrete constructions, insulation material, gravel, Styrofoam, extended clay, different emulsions, electrical cables and hoses, curb stones, oil and air filters, batteries and many other production successfully work in different parts of the country.

Private companies Maksatly geňeş» «Çaly», «Ak bulut», «Daşly gala» and other is among the companies demonstrating quality competitive construction materials. For the last few years, private companies of the country developed production of dozens of construction materials meeting international quality standards.

Entrepreneurs developed the production of leather goods for the implementation of the state programme of import substitution. The material for the facilities is supplied by livestock farms of the country. Owing to this, the opportunity to make new production like high quality footwear and furniture, which successfully compete at local market with foreign analogues and would be exported inn future, appeared in the country.

Current exhibition also introduce the success of entrepreneurs in development of trade and services. Nowadays, they open specialized shops, organize the sale on franchising principle. Boutiques in big shopping malls of the capital like «Berkarar», «Garaşsyzlygyň 15 ýyllygy», «Aşgabadyň ýalkymy», which were built by the UIET, are evidence to this.


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