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First private microbiological laboratory in the country to provide international certification of production

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President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted at the session of the Cabinet of Ministers on March 7 that expansion of measures for support of agriculture, implementation of the projects of rapid development of plant cultivation and livestock farming, comprehensive support of entrepreneurs working in this sphere have utmost importance for the development of agricultural complex.

All of these is to support the improvement of food safety and export potential of the country, gradual replacement of imported food products with local goods.

Speaking of the main goals of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the President highlighted several times that the UIET has to take a leading position in marketing economy of the country, to become the mechanism of provision of deserved level of social and living conditions of the population as well as to support successful integration of our state to the system of global economy.

Efficiently using favourable conditions for private initiative, local businessmen enter an international level developing modern technologies of production and marketing. National Barcode Organization has been established with the participation of the UIET.

Opening ceremony of the first private microbiological laboratory, which would make an independent analysis of food production for provision of the safety and certification as per international standards, was held in the business centre of the UIET on March 14 for the implementation of objectives for improvement of the competiveness of local goods in international market. Management and specialists of the Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs, private companies, representatives of diplomatic missions accredited in Turkmenistan, mass media took part in the ceremony.

Opening of the first private microbiological laboratory in Turkmenistan will support the implementation of export potential of national food producers, international certification of their production based on an independent expertise, support of private sector and provision of food security.

It is planned to make 1.5 million analysis of oil and grease, diary, meat, fish, bakery, fruit and vegetable, confectionary and other production of eleven directions. The specialists of the laboratory will make qualified sampling, delivery of it with the compliance of all international standards, analysis for compliance with the requirements and develop reporting.

The main goal of the laboratory is to create necessary conditions for certification of local production and arrangement of export. This is very current taking into account the implementation of the state programme of import substitutive and export oriented production.

The laboratory was founded under the initiative and support of the UIET by Hil Standart Business entity and also supported by the USAID Project for competiveness, trade and creation of work places in Central Asia. Activity for detection of market demand on services and laboratory studies in Turkmenistan have been carried out modern equipment from the leading world manufacturers has been bought under the cooperation.

New microbiological laboratory will provide commercial services for analysis of food production, which will increase the access to laboratory service for national producers. In addition, availability of such services will support the growth of volumes of export of fruit and vegetables helping to meet the requirements of certification at foreign markets.

The participants of the ceremony highlighted that development of national system of standardization and certification is among the priority objectives of economic policy. It was mentioned that owing to far-seeing strategy of Turkmen leader, new laboratory would also support the solution of objectives related to the improvement of competiveness of national production, protection of home market from inequality goods and services and implementation of latest technologies to the production.

The first private microbiological laboratory was opened taking into account the increment of local agricultural production, which export would support active development of the economy. For example, number of big facilities of agricultural complex has been opened in the regions just in the last year.

It includes modern livestock farming complex in Tejen etrap, Ahal Velayat built by Azapkeş private company. Provided with latest technologies, the complex was designed for production of 3,000 tons of milk and 100 tons of meat per year. All production of the complex meets high quality criteria and environmental standards.

Poultry complex, which was built in Mary etrap, Mary Velayat by local company Sähra Gurluşyk, would produce 5 million eggs and 500 tons of chicken meat per year. 100 hectares of land have given in long-term lease to entrepreneurs for provision of work of the complex.

The members of the UIET have built modern livestock complex with production output of 100 tons of meat and 100 tons of milk per year in Murgab etrap. 250 hectares of land have been given to the facility for creation of necessary feedstock base. In the future, it is planned to double the livestock of meat and dairy cows as well as to open the shops for product processing.

Canned fruit and vegetable production plant with production output of 1 million cans per year, which was built by Ýakyn Dost business entity on beneficial bank credits, was opened in Chekir settlement of Kerky etrap, Lebap Velayat. New facility has all links of modern processing production like the workshops, 100 sq. m. refrigerating chambers, warehouses and laboratory.

National representatives of small and medium business systematically improve their input to successful solution of the objectives for saturation of consumer market of the country with high quality goods, export, acceleration of the rates of construction of hothouses, various facilities for processing of agricultural production.

Opening of microbiological laboratory became an important measure in improvement of the position of local business, which becomes drive engine of national economy under active support of the Head of the State.

Few days ago, the members of the UIET working in information technology sphere had a meeting of experts on the establishment of IT – cluster in the country, which would have the establishment of digital infrastructure, training of specialist and other activity as the main objectives.

Innovations are the main factor of intensive growth and bringing of the economy to new level, which is directly related to use of the results of fundamental and applied studies.

The Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs has organized training seminars for its personnel, entrepreneurs and representatives of the Government structures for implementation of major plans of introduction of advanced practice in the sphere of international technologies in the country. The seminars were conducted by specialists of leading Turkish companies Inovera and Telekom Telekominikasyon Dis Tic. ve San. A.S, which specialize in the introduction of e-government system and cyber security, which provision is paid with special importance.

The participants of the seminar were introduced with the capabilities of Turkish companies in information technologies including in the implementation of the projects of electronic document management system as well as in training of specialists in digitization sphere.

Having the most modern equipment, the first private microbiological laboratory will play an important role in the strengthening of positions of private producers supporting the expansion of the spectrum of trade proposals and development of new types of import substitutive, competitive production demanded at foreign markets.

Today, the members of business community prepare to the celebration of the 11th anniversary of the UIET, to which specialized exhibition in Trade and Industrial chamber would be timed. The review will introduce the achievements and future development of the entrepreneurship as well as projects of local business.


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