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Turkmen economy demonstrates stable growth

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Macroeconomic indicators of January – February demonstrate stable dynamics in all branches of national economy. The indicator of the GDP is held on 6.2 percent level.

The growth rate of agriculture was 3.1 percent, trade – 10.7 percent, transport and communication branch – 10 percent, service sphere – 8.2 percent for this period.

Large-scale construction of different facilities to total amount of more than 35 billion Us dollars is expanded in the country at present. Majority of these projects are new social and living facilities.

In general, the production by all ministries and department comparing with the same period of the last year has grown by 5.9 percent. High production indicators have been reached almost in all branches.

The volume of retail trade for two months is 19 percent higher comparing with the same period of 2018. Comparing with the last year, the volume of export has increased by 20 percent.

The revenue of the State budget of the country has been executed to the amount of 2.65 billion manats while the expenditure to the amount of 2.55 billion manats by the outcomes of two months. Comparing with the same period of the last year, average salary wages in big and medium facilities are 9.3 percent higher.


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