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New deposit of fresh water Halaç II is registered in Lebap Velayat

опубликованно 18.01.2019 // 378 - просмотров

At the session of the Government on January 18, Vice-premier M. Meredov informed the Head of the State on new deposit of fresh water, which was discovered in Halach etrap, Lebap Velayat and was registered as Halaç II in the end of 2018. Operational resources of 58.7 square kilometres deposit will provide the population with additional drinking water, which is 30,000 cubic metres per day or 348 litres per second.

In this regard, the President of Turkmenistan ordered to continue paying utmost attention to hydrogeological surveys as to important direction of the geologists’ activity. It was highlighted that development of new underground deposits of fresh water in the region would support the solution of the objectives for reliable supply of country with pure drinking water, development if sanatorium and resort sphere, which are important aspects of the state policy.

The President of Turkmenistan ordered Minister of Agriculture and Water Management A. Yazmuradov to activate the work in the sphere of rational use of water resources, to carry out systematic scientific study of underground water bearing horizons, to clarify the reserves of the deposits, to organize integrated natural protection measures and to improve the provision of irrigation water to agricultural fields of the country.


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