Foundations of «Türkmeniň ak öýi» buildings are laid in administrative centres of Balkan, Dashoguz and Lebap Velayats | TDH

Foundations of «Türkmeniň ak öýi» buildings are laid in administrative centres of Balkan, Dashoguz and Lebap Velayats

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Foundations laying ceremonies of «Türkmeniň ak öýi» buildings was held in in administrative centres of Balkan, Dashoguz and Lebap Velayats. Magnificent constructions of original architecture in the shape of Turkmen ‘yurta’ are designated for big ceremonies and cultural events.

Happy atmosphere of big celebration was reigning from the morning on the territory of future facilities, which would be built shortly in Balkanabat, Dashoguz and Turkmenabat. Flags, banners and colour balloons were everywhere. National ‘yurtas’ were set up and exhibitions of decorative and applied art were expanded at the sites. Concerts of popular singers, national musicians and folk ensembles were organized.

Representatives of regional and city administrations, public organizations and facilities, elders and youth took part in the ceremonies on occasion of remarkable event.

«Türkmeniň ak öýi» buildings are designed for 3,000 seats. In general, this is large concert hall, arena for mass events of national and international significance and celebration performances, which is built in the shape of huge white Turkmen ‘yurta’.

First similar social and cultural facility was built in administration centre of Mary Velayat in November 2015. Opening ceremony of «Türkmeniň ak öýi» in Ahal Velayat was held with the participation of the President of the country in October last year. Magnificent white ‘yurta’ was built in «Nowruz ýaýlasy» in the Kopetdag foothill valley where Nowruz Bayramy – centuries-old Spring Holiday, is widely celebrated every year.

This one of the most ancient celebration of many nations including Turkmens was included to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2009. In 2010, March 21 was declared as International Nowruz Day by the Resolution of the UN General Assembly.

Today, wide international interest to Turkmen culture, its roots and traditions is obvious. Modern Turkmenistan makes significant contribution to the world treasury of human civilization. Foreign policy of our country is based on such principles as friendship, solidarity, peace loving and kindness.

In this aspect, white ‘yurta’ is an original symbol of prosperity, friendliness and hospitality of Turkmen people. For sure, it is not used anymore as a place to live in but, having come out far beyond these limits, it became the symbol of respect of traditions, family attitudes, sanctity of home hearth and solidarity. Even in our days when modern comfortable apartment buildings are erected all over Turkmenistan, ‘yurta’ can be seen not only in rural areas but also in the cities. Today, this is a bound attribute of bright national celebration and bog family events.

In Balkanabat, the building of «Türkmeniň ak öýi» will be raised in one of new micro districts, which is under construction in the western part of the city. There is a square with 100-meter flag pole in the centre for the State flag of Turkmenistan nearby as well as the hyakimlik of Balkan Velayat and other administrative buildings.

In Dashoguz, this facility will be the part of architectural ensemble, which was made recently along Ruhnama Street. It includes modern comfortable hotel, the Palace of Happiness “Bagt Koshgy”, sport complex with stadium for 10,000 visitors, hippodrome and other.

In Turkmenabat, new facility will be built next to the main street of the city Bitarap Turkmenistan. This area is also decorated with magnificent facilities of Ruhiyet Palace, “Bagt Koshgy”, Central Sport Complex and other social infrastructure.

«Türkmeniň ak öýi» building will put into operation in June 2021.

Appearance of new buildings representing white ‘yurta’ will harmonically combine original tradition of Turkmen architecture and modern achievements of construction art. Interior design will be also distinguished by the originality and bright national colour, in particular, it is planned to use carpet patterns and decorative elements repeating slatted carcasses of Turkmen ‘yurtas’.

In general, «Türkmeniň ak öýi» is unique construction of high engineering complexity. The project plans to provide the most advanced technical equipment to the buildings. Each floor will have spacious premises, concert hall with stage and arena, offices and other rooms. Sound systems and other necessary appliances will be installed in the buildings for large-scale forums and bright performances including with the participation of famous Turkmen horsemen.

It is also planned to develop the territory around the buildings and plant trees. In addition, it will have shaded pavilion for 3,000 seats to hold traditional food donation, helipad, car parking and different engineering and technical facilities.

Complexes of new facilities ill be built by local construction companies.


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