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Participants of ministerial transport forum adopt final declaration

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International Ministerial Conference of the country members of the Agreement on Transit and Transport Cooperation (Lapis Lazuli) in Avaza national tourist zone resulted in signing of final Declaration.

The document noted the role of ecologically stable, safe, efficient, reliable and cost beneficial multimodal transport and transit corridors designated for moving cargos and passengers, support of stable economic growth, expansion of international cooperation and trade between the countries as well as the importance of collaboration between all modes of transport for improvement of reliability of shipments, improvement of competiveness of production, enhancement of market structures and diversification of export.

The declaration expresses the interest of participating countries in joining of other states to Lapis Lazuli Agreement as well as contain the appeal to the UN and other international, regional and sub-regional organizations, particularly to the World Bank, WTO, International Road Transport Union, International Railroad Transport Union and International Transport Forum to continue the efforts for creation and launching of international and regional transport and transit corridors.

The necessity of encouragement of facilitation and standardization of the regulations and documentation including the implementation of international transport and transit conventions as well as regional and sub-regional agreements has been mentioned in the final document.

The sides spoke for regular meetings between the representatives of relative departments of the country members of Lapis Lazuli Agreement for practical implementation of its provisions.


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