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Flu Vaccination Campaign in Turkmenistan

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For immunization, which is one of foundational strategies towards priority targets in healthcare, Turkmenistan purchases only the vaccines certified by the World Health Organization (WHO). Preventive inoculations are given free of charge, at the State’s expense.

The immunization schedule currently includes vaccination against 11 infections: diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, poliomyelitis, measles, rubella, epidemic parotitis, viral hepatitis B, tuberculosis, Hib infection and human papillomavirus.

The immunization schedule is periodically updated through introduction of new vaccines, with preference for modern vaccine combinations that facilitate the development of immunity towards several infections simultaneously. Such vaccination allows for maximum protection of people from contracting severe and dangerous infections.

Immunoprophylaxis has become a reliable tool for maintaining epidemiological well-being with respect to several diseases. For many years, Turkmenistan has been able to ensure a high level of immunization coverage among children and adults (95-99%). Significant decline in morbidity has been achieved thanks to the orderly conduct of immunological prophylaxis and active involvement of the population.

A central warehouse is functioning within the department for epidemiology and immunology of the Center for Public Health and Nutrition of the State Sanitary-Epidemiologic Service. It is equipped with modern high-quality facilities, special refrigerators and freezers that comply with the WHO standards.

A computer program ensures a 24-hour monitoring of temperatures in refrigerators, thus responding to the WHO “cold chain” requirement. The warehouse has a control room for managing the conditions under which the vaccines and other immunobiological products, syringes, needles and safety kits for thermal containers are stored.

The epidemiology and immunology department receives and analyzes electronic reports on execution of immunological fieldworks in Ashgabat and the provinces.

A training center was set up at the Center for Public Health and Nutrition of the State Sanitary-Epidemiologic Service of the Ministry of Healthcare and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan to train specialists responsible for storage of vaccines and directly associated with carrying out immunization campaigns. Training materials are updated annually in response to new information.

This year Turkmenistan has joined the initiative of the WHO Regional Office for Europe to fight SARS, and on 22-26 October organized a campaign to raise public awareness on the risks associated with this viral infection and on preventive measures, particularly vaccination.

Vaccination, distribution of information materials and a drawing contest for schoolchildren were held during this campaign.

The Center for Public Health and Nutrition of the State Sanitary-Epidemiologic Service offers high-quality seasonal influenza vaccines produced by European manufacturers to all interested persons.

Moreover, vaccines to protect against different types of hepatitis, meningococcal infection and yellow fever are offered here. For further inquiries, please call 39-98-46; 36-90-67; 36-91-40; 36-91-38.

With vaccination, not only will you be protected from infectious diseases, but also from their severe complications.


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