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Cotton farmers in Mary velayat’s Turkmenkala etrap achieve remarkable success

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Farmers in Turkmenkala etrap, Mary velayat are reported to have met their contractual obligations and harvested more than 32,400 tons of ‘white gold’.

Efforts to stimulate agricultural production, the use of particular cotton varieties well suited to certain growing conditions, an accurate harvesting schedule, proper maintenance and immediate repair of farm machinery, timely completion of necessary agricultural operations, etc. are key contributors to this season’s high yields.

State financial support (including nominal farmland lease rates, full exemption from taxes) serves as real assistance to farmers. Regular maintenance operations, a supply of seeds, mineral fertilizers, irrigation water and other services are offered to local producers and daikhan associations on favorable terms. Aside from this, the concessional loan scheme is widely used to finance agricultural projects. To this end, plots of land are allocated to ministries, sectoral agencies, institutions, enterprises, members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, and daikhan associations.

Science has a crucial role to play in improving soil fertility and crop productivity, applying state-of-the-art agricultural technologies, and advancing seed selection. At the disposal of Turkmen scientists is an extensive network of research institutes, experimental farms, scientific and production centers, which provide a highly fertile ground for studying best practices, carrying out research work, and most importantly, putting new scientific developments into practice.

The festive event organized to mark the success of farmers in Turkmenkala etrap turned into a big celebration and was attended by representatives of the regional administration, the best cotton growers, scores of local residents and performing groups.


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