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Turkmenistan national team wins the first medal of the World Weightlifting Championship

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The first winners were defined at the World Weightlifting Championship in the capital. Our compatriot Yulduz Jumabayeva is among of them in women weight category until 45 kg.

Turkmen sportswoman managed confidently the weight of 75 kg at first. In this regard, her opponents from Thailand who declared 80 kg reduced the weight until 76 and 77 and managed to lift it. In the second and third attempts, Yulduz Jumabayeva tried to weight 79 kg but had no success. However, the achieved result allowed her to get bronze medal of the world tournament in snatch discipline. The sportswomen from Thailand won the gold and silver.

However, she had to contest in the jerk and total amount of both disciplines. Yu. Jumabayeva was the first at the stage, having lifted 94 kg and provided two medals. The attempts of her opponents were also successful. After, one of the opponents lifted the weight of 100 kg and became the leader while another sportswoman could not manage this weight.

In the second attempt, our compatriot decided to declare the weight of 104 kg pretending of junior world record. Yu. Jumabayeva lifted the weight above her head and the referees counted this result. But after some discussion, they suddenly changed the decision due to the non-compliance of the attempt to the rules. Turkmen sportswoman had to lift the same weight again nut she did not manage this. The last attempt to take over the opponent with the weight of 107 was also unsuccessful. Yulduz Jumabayeva deservingly finished the competitions, having won three bronze medals, having lifted 169 kg in two disciplines.

Another junior world record was set at the world championship in Ashgabat. 17-year old Echandia Zaraat Katherin Oriana from Venezuela lifted 90 kg in jerk discipline, having exceeded necessary weight by one kg. it allowed her becoming the fourth in this discipline and in total.
The winner in men’s competitions has also been defined. It was Yun Chol Om (DPRK) in the weight category of 55 kg, having set new world record in jerk – 162 kg. He was also the best in the snatch with 120 kg and 282 kg in total, having won all gold medals in this weight category. The silver in snatch and in total was won by Arli Chontey (Kazakhstan). Italian Mirco Skarantino is the third. Two junior records have been added to the adult world record – Angel Hreskov Rusev from Bulgaria lifted 108 kg in jerk and Tirepat Chamchue (Thailand) lifted the weight of 141 kg in jerk what allowed him to win the bronze in this discipline.

Men’s competitions in the weight category up to 67 kg (C group) and 73 kg (D group) have started. Victor Castro Marino from Spain was the best in all three disciplines (jerk, snatch and total) in the first group. Achintha Sheuli (India) is the leader in D group, having taking over his closest opponent by 26 kg. The contest will be continued on the next day in both weight categories.

Winner in two women’s weight categories will be defined on the third day of the competitions. numerous winner of international tournament including the world championship Kristina Shermetova will represent Turkmenistan in the weight group up to 55 kg.


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