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Turkmen Post expands services for the population

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Efficient measures taken by the country for development of communication sphere give strong impulse to national economy in the context of rapid formation of modern transport and transit logistic infrastructure. Great role in this processes is given to Turkmen Post company of the Ministry of Communication.

Today, there are about 150 branches of this postal service, which delivers letters and packages without delay. This month, Turkmen Postal Service bought 55 light, cargo and off-road vehicles of such brands like BMW, Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and other for its fleet. New vehicles will be distributes among the branches around the country, which will improve the delivery of postal mail as well will expand the spectrum of services for the population.

The Ministry of Communication takes integrated measures for modernization of postal system, which is to provide express delivery of important documentation and to give high quality services to the citizens.

Digital and computer systems of the network infrastructure became the main factor of development of our society and the way to improve the efficiency of activity of various branches of the economy. Despite fast development of electronic mail systems, classical postal services remains its huge importance.

Taking into account the advantages of postal services, Turkmen Post develops new ways of cooperation with clients. Today, the list of services of Turkmen post includes not only the delivery of letters, packages and periodic newspapers but also the payment for utilities, fast mail services to any country of the world, which is the member of the Universal Postal Union and other.

Soon, it is planned to implement ‘door-to-door’ express delivery service, which can be used for sending the packages to any part of Turkmenistan without going to the branches of the company. It is remarkable that the service will be available before the New Year celebrations giving opportunity to Turkmen citizens to send the gifts to their relatives and friends living in any part of the country.

Taking into account growing role of world electronic mail and its advantages, Turkmen Post also plans to implement new types of electronic services. The main postal company makes its own internet portal, which will be original virtual display. Using it, local companies will be able to put their services on sale expanding the sale market around entire country.

Fast and safe delivery of goods sold via internet will be performed by the couriers of the state postal company giving number of advantages both to the customers and sellers. The clients will have the opportunity to order the goods, which previously were available only if you go personally to other city where the outlet or company is located. The sellers will not have to make their own expensive web site, which they will use for the same services.


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