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The President of Turkmenistan and representative of the management of LG International Corporation exchange the visions of priorities of cooperation

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President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov received Chief Executive Director of LG International Corporation (the Republic of Korea) Chi-Ho Song.

Having expressed the gratitude to the Head of the State for spared time, the businessman highlighted the intent of South Korean business circles to improve productive cooperation with Turkmenistan. At the same time, Chi-Ho song expressed the willingness of his company to continue taking active part in big infrastructural projects.

Stating with delight initiative approach of LG International Corporation to expansion of bilateral relations, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted that our state relies on the attraction of the best world practice and innovative developments of famous foreign corporations including from the Republic of Korea in its economic development. Having stated successful activity of this large company, which works in many spheres for many years in our country, the Head of the State focused that Turkmenistan is interested in scientific technologies.

During the meeting, the Head of the State and his guest exchanged the opinions on priority directions of cooperation taking into account reforming programmes in our country. In this context, cooperation in modernization of equipment and facilities base of fuel and energy complex, especially in petrochemical branch where Turkmenistan has huge resource potential, was the subject of detailed discussion.

The businessman expressed the gratitude to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for the trust given to LG International Corporation in realization of big joint project – the construction of polymeric plant in Kiyanly. Highlighting the importance of coming commissioning of the plant, Ch- Ho Song noted that all project, which are realized by the decision of Turkmen leader, are to become an exemplary mega projects in this field not only in Central Asia but in global scale as well. Located in unique place of Turkmenistan, which is rich by huge natural resources, this super modern complex that supplemented production infrastructure of oil and gas sphere symbolizes the input of the Republic of South Korea to expansion of economic power of the country.

At present, the work for modernization and diversification of the branch gains bigger scale, the potential of important segment of Turkmen economy is steadily grows, the President noted. In this aspect, there is significant potential for the intensification of beneficial cooperation, the Head of the State highlighted.

Having noted that this is great honour for his company to develop constructive partnership with Turkmenistan, the businessman confirmed again the willingness of LG International Corporation to provide out country with its advanced developments, practice and technologies. During the meeting, the guest noted introduced number of new proposals to Turkmen leader, which practical realization would have great importance for the growth of Turkmen economy.

In the end of the meeting, the sides expressed mutual confidence in successful continuation of the cooperation.


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