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President of Turkmenistan: the strategy, implemented in the country is aimed at creating the export-oriented economy

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Speaking during the enlarged meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan on October 12, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov characterized the results of work in January-September, 2018 and specified the key tasks for the near future.

The President noted that the decisive steps had been taken in the country this year towards the implementation of the reform to achieve the main goal – to ensure the high level and quality of Turkmen citizens’ life.

Turkmenistan’s foreign policy that is based on the neutral legal status of our state remains unchanged. Cooperation with international organizations with the aim to ensure the energy security and ecology actively develops. Special attention is paid to the development of transport infrastructure. The necessary work is held to improve the systems of education and culture, to guarantee the human rights and freedoms, and strengthen the universal security.

As for the internal strategy, the country maintains the reliable fiscal and monetary policy. The investments into the private sector and social security sector are increasing.

A number of industries achieved good results in the spheres of production and services. This allowed us to achieve GDP growth of almost 6.2 percent. The revenues of the State budget also increased, which made it possible to increase wages by nine percent. The rate of the national manat remains stable.

Our country that has embarked on the path of the national economy diversification implements the state programs for the development of industrial sectors, the production of import-substituting products, and the creation of the electronic industry.

In this context, the head of state noted that the delegation of the International Monetary Fund that visited Turkmenistan the day before confirmed the correctness of the chosen path for reforms, and positively evaluated the results achieved.

Recently, the delegation of our country took part in the session of the UN General Assembly, during which the international community once again recognized the neutral policy of Turkmenistan and the steady growth of its international prestige. Turkmenistan’ initiatives put forward from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly aroused great interest and were supported by many states. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov underlined that during the meetings held in the framework of the session, the leaders of a number of world-famous American companies demonstrated the interest of the US business community in cooperation with our country.

The President emphasized that three months had been left until the end of this year, but it is necessary to define tasks for the next year now. As already noted, the strategy implemented in the country is aimed at the openness, integration and creation of an export-oriented economy. The strategy prioritizes the reduction of the state’s share in the economy, the improvement of the business environment and the direct attraction of foreign investment. We must continue to ensure the dynamic economic development of the country and to continue the construction of new enterprises.

The President of the country one again emphasized that it was necessary to develop the road-transport and production infrastructure, create new jobs, and, guided by these tasks, speed up the work on drafting the 2019 investment programme.

The necessary measures should be taken to modernize the national economy and ensure its sustainable development, and for this purpose, increase the amount of cash flow. This requires increasing the competitiveness of domestic products and the volume of its exports.

The President underlined that we must ensure the competitiveness by increasing the role of the private sector. Banks in the country should provide the greatest support to small and medium businesses. Investment funds should assist developing the domestic markets and strengthening the foundations of financial institutions.

It is necessary to further accelerate the formation of human capital, to reform the system of education taking into account the training of young people in specialties most in demand in the private sector. All this work will allow us to confidently move towards the market economy and create a solid basis for improving the social and living conditions of the population.


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