Meeting of communication and computerization experts is held in Ashgabat | TDH

Meeting of communication and computerization experts is held in Ashgabat

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Joint session of the 53rd Council of the heads of administrations of the Regional Communication Commonwealth (RCC) and 24th session of Coordination Council of the member states of the CIS on informatization under the RCC started in Archabyl Hotel.

Turkmenistan, represented by the ministry of Communication, is full member of the RCC – the organization, which is to implement reginal cooperation in electronic and postal communication.

Digital and computer systems of network infrastructures became important factors of development. Therefore, informational market, which presents informational products and communication services, is the main sector of modern economy of Turkmenistan. Its operation will make positive effect on development of other branches and macroeconomic processes in general.

Turkmenistan has started big projects on technical provision and formation of relative infrastructure. In the next three years, the Ministry of Communication plans to realize number of big projects aimed at the creation of comprehensive communication system based on advanced technologies, increment of volumes, quality and variety of communication services together with the provision of broadband access to Internet from the mot remoted places of the country.

These days, the RCC is an international organization with the functions of interstate coordinating authority of the CIS in electronic and postal mail service as well as the status of observer in the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the Universal Postal Union (UPU). It also actively cooperates with international and regional organizations.

In this context, Turkmenistan aims at the consolidation of cooperation with the RCC members for beneficial partnership in improvement of work of information and communication systems in the country, which will be supported by representative forum of this international structure in Ashgabat.

There are 20 members in the RCC these days – 12 full members and 8 observers. Delegations of this large regional organization chaired by the representatives of telecommunication departments of the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan came to Turkmen capital for participation in the forum. The observers of the RCC from communication administration of Lithuania, Slovenia, Afghanistan, International Organization of Space Communications (INTERSPUTNIK) as well as representatives of the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union, executive Committee of the CIS and other have been invited for the meeting.

Participants of the session highlighted that modern tendencies of development of the world economy are closely connected with the growth of the role of information technologies and knowledge in the life of society. The economy changes and becomes more innovative. These changes are based on use of high-speed broadband communication and internet networks. The countries, which constantly improve themselves taking into account technical innovations and introduce them into economy management,, are the most competitive.

Under the session dedicated to the perspective directions of activity of the RCC countries in digital development, the Heads of the delegations made reports on the latest achievements in development of information and communication systems.

Turkmen side has noted that priorities of social and economic development of the country stipulate intensive industrialization as it is impossible to process colossal amount of actual world information and operative exchange of the data.

Measures for industrialization of the region, increment of local production capacities, establishment of new working places for rural residents are aimed for this purpose. Under this work, the Ministry of Communication provides modern quality information and telecommunication services including telephone communication, data transfer, access to the internet to rural population, agricultural facilities, local power authorities and social infrastructure.

More than 400 digital telephone stations, mainly for operation in rural and remote areas, has been opened in the country for the last three years. The first national communication satellite «TürkmenÄlem 52°E» is used to connect them to state system.

Special attention is paid in the country to provision of new services, the work for improvement of quality and professional skills of young specialists in creation and support of various programme products is carried out. For example, the Ministry of Communication announced the contest for creation, demonstration and introduction of innovative software to various branches of national economy under the XI International Exhibition of Telecommunication, Telemetric and Information Technologies and Broadcasting Equipment Turkmentel 2018, which is to be opened in the exposition centre of the Trade and Industrial Chamber on October 10.

New stage of modernization of communication systems in Turkmenistan stipulates several projects, each of which aimed at certain segment of the branch. For example, one of them is aimed at the development of mobile connection. Taking into account growing demands of the population, national operation Altyn Asyr has to provide full service of this communication including in 3G and 4G formats, high-speed internet and other services. After completion of this project, the coverage of the country will be 100 percent.

Another is aimed at the development of cable telephone communication. These are not just digital telephone stations but modern ones, which support standards of new generation (Next Generation Network), where one telephone outlet provides the access for voice, IP TV and Internet. At the same time, the information is transferred and commuted by the packages while the voice, data and video can be transferred in any combination regardless of the access method.

In September 2017, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov approved the Concept of development of digital educational system in Turkmenistan. In this regard, it is planned to establish the Centre of innovative information, which duties will include comprehensive development of the methods of e-learning including e-books, manuals video and audio materials, interactive and multimedia programmes, etc. The centre will also study the world achievements in science and education.

The reports about new directions of development of information and communication technologies in the RCC countries were presented in the speeches. Great attention was paid to perspectives of implementation of 5G technologies in the CIS countries, which make positive effect on the development of internet around the world.

Preparation of the communication administrations of the RCC to the Plenipotentiary Conference of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), during which the members of the ITU will take the decisions on the role of organization in the future defining its ability to influence the development of information and communication technologies in global scale. The participants highlighted that work for preparation to the Plenipotentiary Conference would allow successful realization of set objectives and presenting common position of the CIS at this event, which will be held in Dubai on October 29 – November 16, 2018.

Perspective of development of the ITU until 2022, activity of the Regional Department of the ITU for CIS region, preparation of the RCC communication administration to the World Radio Conference and Radio Assembly 2019, realization of the Regional Development Plan of the Universal Postal Union for 2017 – 2020 in Europe and Central Asia, formation of digital market of the RCC countries and other were also discussed at the session.

The session will continue its work on the next day. Delegates of the forum will present the reports about the activity of the RCC Commission for postal communication, the RCC postal communication operators Council, Executive Committee of the RCC and outcomes of work of the RCC Revision Commission in 2017. The guests will visit the XI International Exhibition of Telecommunication, Telemetric and Information Technologies and Broadcasting Equipment Turkmentel 2018 and Ahal Equestrian Complex.


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