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Perspectives of development of trade and economic relations between Turkmenistan and Russia are outlined

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After the meeting with President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russia Federation, Head of the Government Administration of Russian Federation Konstantin Chuychenko gave interview to TDH.

- Konstantin Anatolyevich, please tell us about the meeting with the President of Turkmenistan? What subjects was prioritized during the discussion?

- The meeting with the President of Turkmenistan was held in friendly atmosphere. We discussed the intensification and development of trade and economic relations between our countries, outlined important perspectives and discussed the opportunities of new projects. I think that soon these perspectives and projects will be practically implemented.

- Please tell few words about the outcomes of the session of Turkmen – Russian Intergovernmental Commission for economic cooperation.

- There are many common things between our nations and I think that we have to use these capabilities for mutual enrichment and new development of our nations. During the session of the Commission, we also discussed specific subjects of trade and economic cooperation and outlined future plans. Both sides see good perspective for increment of number of joint projects in this direction. In addition, our vision of the perspectives is not limited by cooperation in energy sphere but touches many directions as agrarian sphere, high technologies, communication sphere and other fields.

- What is your vision of Turkmen and Russian cooperation in energy sphere?

- As is known, so called ‘commercial holidays’ of Gazprom are finishing in December. At present, Russian company, being business entity, work purposefully for further development of relations with Turkmen side.

- Will it be related to gas procurement only or this process is considered in wider aspects like participation in joint projects?

- Yes, we outlined such perspectives in our discussion. Anyhow, upon return to Moscow, we will make relevant proposals to Russian companies to study the participation in big energy projects in Turkmenistan including in deep gas processing and establishment of new facilities.

- Thank you for the interview, Konstantin Anatolyevich.


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