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Amul — Khazar 2018

International Racers Arrive in Turkmenistan

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A delegation of 117 people: representatives of the French company co-organizing the Amul-Hazar 2018 rally, participants including renowned racers from the UK, Czech Republic and other countries, and journalists that will cover the event arrived in the Ashgabat International Airport on the Paris-Ashgabat flight.

The race will begin on 11 September in Turkmenistan’s Lebap province. The solemn opening ceremony will take place one day prior to the start of the 1500 km long Amul-Hazar rally.

There are four stops along the rally route for comfortable rest, technical maintenance works and cultural functions. Advanced technology, aviation and other facilities were made available to the organizers to monitor and broadcast the rally.

Welcoming foreign guests on the highest level is a matter of honor in our country. Therefore, the delegation from Paris was accorded the most cordial welcome in the Ashgabat airport.

The competitors shared their first impressions, stressing that the main air gate to the country left them astonished. The silhouette of a giant bird about to soar into the sky is visible from a distance. The Ashgabat International Airport is of truly daunting scale. However, it is not only the size that is impressive. The airport’s technical equipment, ergonomics and interior design leave only positive impression on the guests of the Turkmen land.

The guests were accompanied by the road police on BMW i8 plug-in hybrid cars from the Turkmen capital’s international airport to the domestic flights terminal. They soon flew to Turkmenabat where the rally course, laid along the historical Great Silk Road, will begin..


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