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Children art contest timed to the 27th anniversary of independence finishes

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«Garaşsyzlygyň merjen däneleri» children music and song contest dedicated to the 27th anniversary of Turkmenistan Independence was finished by Gala concert in the Mukams Palace. The concert was organized by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture and the State Committee for TV, Radio and Cinematography.

For many years, the contest raises great interest and attracts talented children – the students of comprehensive and musical schools as well as artistic centres, from all Turkmenistan. The main purpose of the contest is to find talented children, to support their talent and education of patriotism, love to national traditions and customs of our people.

The finalists of the contest who have been qualified in etraps came to the capital, having received deserving right to perform on the main stage of the country and make a step toward their dream.

The festival brought together more than 1,300 children for all places of our country. 15 young artist and 23 music and choreographic ensembles of national art took part in the final contest.

Performance of young talents, their sincerity and transparency left nobody indifferent neither adults, nor small spectators. Thousands of charmed eyes were watching the scene welcoming the artists with loud applauses. Videos about the meetings of young Turkmenistan citizens with the President of the country, who pays special attention to moral and spiritual education of growing generation, as well as demonstration of topical scenes about the Great Silk Road and huge role of Turkmenistan in establishment of friendship and understandings in Central Asia accompanied the performances.

The concert has demonstrated again huge reserves of national talents.

Names of the winners of children art contest have been announced under non-stop applauses of the audience. These are Yhlas Yanabayev, the 6th grade student of school No. 20from Ashgabat, Aymyrat Berdiyev, the 6th grade student of school No. 10 Kaahka etrap, Ahal Velayat, Nurmyrat Gurbanmyradov, the 5th grade student of school No. 16 from Balanabat, Beki Seytekov, the 4th grade student of school No. 2 from Dashoguz,Abat Altybayeva, the 6th grade student of secondary specialized school No. 31 from Charjew etrap, Lebap velayat, Uzukjemal Palvanova , the 5th grade student of school No. 14 from Mary. Valuable prices and diplomas have been presented to the winners on behalf of the Head of the State.

Each participant received memorable souvenirs, which are to inspire them for further improvement and achievement of cherished goals on their artistic way.


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