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The President of Turkmenistan inspects the works at the construction sites of the capital

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President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov made the flight around big construction sites of the capital at the request of Hyakim of Ashgabat Sh. Durdiliyev. Having inspected the situation at the construction sites of some faculties and realization of the programmes of modernization of social infrastructure and urban planning from the helicopter, the Head of the State paid special attention of ecological aspect.

Before the flight, the projects of the facilities planned to be built under development of the country have been presented to Turkmen leader. Together with the projects of the 16th phase of urban construction of the main city of the country, the Head of capital administration has presented the models of shopping centre, mosque in Mir 7 living complex, which construction has been completed, the projects of other facilities as well as the location map of new modern hotel.

Having focused on the realization of integrated urban construction programme in Ashgabat, the Head of the State noted the importance of organic combination of national traditions of architecture and the best modern practices. At the same time, high quality of the facilities under construction and their timely commissioning are mandatory requirements.

After, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov inspected large-scale construction works in the capital form the helicopter. The helicopter of the Head of the State made circle around the living estate built under the 15th phase of Ashgabat urban construction. Excellent comfortable district with all relevant infrastructure has been built in this part of the city. Construction works in this part of the city including the construction of shopping centre were the subjects of keen interest of Turkmen leader.

Having expressed the interest in the progress of construction of the Burn Centre, which is built at present time along the road going to Bekreve living complex, the President of Turkmenistan ordered to hold under control the provision of flawless quality of all works at this important health protection facilities and their timely completion.

After, the helicopter of the Head of the State headed toward Keshy where the projects of the 16th phase of urban construction including large complex of social facilities with high-rise living houses is carried out with high rates. The facilities are built taking into account such factors as seismic stability and safety of construction.

Creation of necessary road and transport, engineering and communication infrastructure will be built in this part of the city. As is known, the Head of the State outlines the provision of ecological wealth as one of the main criteria of the implementation of the concept of development of Turkmen capital. For these purposes, the works on making of parking zones, greening of the territories adjoin the living estate are carried out together with the construction of facilities.

After, the helicopter of the Head of the State took course to the southwest of Ashgabat. The view of the State Historical and Cultural Preserve Nisa and Kopetdag foothill open from the flight altitude.

For the last few year, this place has changed beyond recognition. Vast forest zones, which please the eye and support the formation of soft microclimate as well as good conditions for the residents of the capital, have spread around its territory.

During the flight, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov ordered o build new hotel complex on the hill located between Yildyz Hotel of the capital and Historical and Cultural Preserve Nisa. The image of the complex has to combine the traditions of national architecture and advanced achievements in construction sphere. Elements reflecting famous historical monuments such as Nisa, Ancient Kunyaurgench, Gyzgala Stronghold will give special character to its architectural image. The outlines of golden dunes of Karakum Desert – the unique natural attraction of our country, will be traced in design of new hotel.

Having looked around the location of new hotel complex, the head of the State noted that its architectural solution has to be made in the shape of the palace of Parthian Kings. Having highlighted that the building of the hotel has to combine harmonically with natural landscape, the Head of the State requested to consider this detail during project design.

After, the helicopter of the Head of the State headed south, where business centre of the capital is under formation. Construction of number of new buildings is carried out there along Chandybil Avenue. The President inspected the course of construction, which is carried out by French company Bouygues.

In nearest future, the complex of buildings of International Congress Centre and fashionable hotel will be built on Chandybil Avenue. New administration offices provided with advanced equipment, which would merge organically to architectural ensemble, would be built there.

The President of Turkmenistan inspected the situation at the construction sites, having analysed from the helicopter the volume of executed works. Construction of the monument of outstanding Turkmen poet and thinker Magtumguly Fragi has also started there in picturesque Kopetdag foothills. In addition, it is planned to build monumental complex in this part of the foothills, which would be dedicated to the cycling.

Speaking of the importance to stipulate the creation of green zones and parks during construction design phase, the Head of the State gave relevant assignments to the Hyakim. Continuing the flight, the President of Turkmenistan inspected the works in the southeast of Ashgabat, having noted the necessity to support ideal cleanness in the capital.

Construction works are also carried out at the territory of Parahat 7 living complex of the capital where various facilities are opening one after another including new mosque.

The Head of the State continued the inspection of the situation in the capital in the northern part of the city. Having looked around the location of future Garagum Hotel, which is planned to be built along Hoja Ahmet Yasavi street, the President also noted the appropriateness of construction of modern shopping and business centres next to this place.

It is also planned to build the kindergarten for 320 children, secondary school for 720 students, cultural and entertainment centre, number of administration buildings along Hoja Ahmet Yasavi Street. New park with the fountain complex in the shape of Oguzkhan star will be made on 10 hectares of adjoining territory.

The Head of the State has also focused on making of modern parking zone on the place of outdated buildings located next to International airport of the capital, which do not meet modern requirements. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted that the population of the city has to be provided with modern comfortable living.

Regarding transport infrastructure, the construction of modern car parking with all amenities for the vehicles and drivers is continued next to existing International bus terminal.

After, the President of Turkmenistan inspected the construction of the facility for production of gasoline from natural gas, which is built in Ovadandepe, Ahal Velayat. This innovative project is another step toward successful implementation of the strategy of development of national fuel and energy complex and industrialization of national economy in general, which is important priority of the state policy.

Big production facility, which is under construction in Ovadandepe is the first petrochemical complex in the world producing high quality and environmentally friendly gasoline by natural gas processing.

At present, the works at the facilities are at the final stage. The plant is equipped with advanced hardware and modern technical systems. According to the project, the construction of motor and rail roads is planned for the supply of ready-made products to the consumers.

After the flight, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that the strategy of turning Turkmenistan into one of industrially developed states of the world is successfully implemented in new historical age. In this context, special attention is paid to the diversification of national economy and active introduction of innovative technologies.

All large-scale reformation programmes in our country are aimed at the achievement of the main objective - social and economic progress of the country and improvement of the wealth of the citizens.


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