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President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov: Education of physically and morally fit generation is the priority of the State policy

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The President of Turkmenistan addressed the greetings to the participants of «Garaşsyzlygyň merjen däneleri» annual children national contest.

Artistic contest, sport competitions, ringing and joyful voices of kids highlight the image of Turkmenistan in the world as dynamically developing state, the country of happy childhood, - the message of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov says. – Bright performance of children in the final round of «Garaşsyzlygyň merjen däneleri» contest will give special colour to celebration events of the Independence Day.

Upbringing of physically and morally fit generation is one of strategic directions of the state policy. For these purposes, the most favourable conditions have been created I Turkmenistan to bring up young generation in the spirit of high patriotism and humanity, in order to young people would be able to receive modern education, improve themselves and realize their talents.

Modern buildings of secondary and high educational facilities equipped by latest computers, learning and technical aids, interactive technologies as well as kindergartens and children health improving centres are built in all regions of our country under adopted programmes. Turkmenistan would continue putting all efforts for harmonic development, education and upbringing, sports and creative activity, improvement of the world outlook of young generation, the message says.

Science and education, music and songs are valuable heritage of humankind. Studying, creating, composing music and poems, the human being makes this world more beautiful, achieves the success and gain the recognition. It means that you have to make deserving contribution to the development of your homeland. You have to study, be engaged in creative activities, learn the world of science and education, music and song.

Our success is based on spiritual revival. Educating and developing love to music and songs in children’s hearts, this music and song context will open broad way for passing national art from generation to generation and for its improvement.

I am confident that you, following the traditions of the ancestors, will glorify the unity, solidarity, humanity and happiness with the pride of national culture, will be the generation that brought up the glory of our beloved Motherland to unprecedented altitude, - the message of the President highlights.


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