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Special broadcast of Legends of Circus programme on RussianTV channel Zvezda is dedicated to Galkynysh Equestrian group

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The State Turkmenistan Circus has opened its regular season on Sunday. New programme of the collective incudes various shows. These are musical eccentric numbers, air acrobatics, balancing and juggling, animal training shows with dogs, goats and camels as well as clowning. The weightlifters were the main characters of one of the reprises, which is some sort of tribute to coming World Weightlifting Championship in Ashgabat soon. However, performance of horse riders who cannot stop enrapturing the spectators with their skills and prowess was the main event of the programme.

Special issues of popular TV show ‘The Legends of Circus’ on Russian TV Channel Zvezda last weekend was dedicated to Galkynysh Equestrian Games Group of Ahalteke Equestrian Complex.

Introducing the heroes of the show, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, Director of Moscow State Circus Edgar Zapashniy said that they represent the pride of the world circus and Turkmen nation. As for today, the group is the best equestrian acrobatic ensemble in the world. There are only gold medals among their numerous awards won at prestigious contests and festivals.

Gold Gaetano – the Grand Prix of I International Festival of Circus Art “On the Fountain Square” in Sankt Petersburg in May this year, supplemented the collection of prizes of this famous group. This award has risen the wave of national pride for their compatriots who deservingly represent our independent neutral state in the world leading arenas.

Performing in the northern capital of Russia, Turkmen horsemen have conquered the spectators and jury with breath-taking equestrian numbers with acrobatic and gymnastic tricks, fancy riding, stunting and demonstration of high class of horse riding. However, it is not the difficulty of their numbers and not even the courage of the horse riders, which are the main thing in their performances but the solidarity of the team of people and horse. All together, they look like a single thing. Outstanding performance is not possible without this as those effective and risky exercises that excite the public require absolute trust to each other and the necessity to rest on friendly shoulder as it is.

Spectators of ‘The Legends of Circus’ show, which contained the brightest moments of Galkynysh performance at the festival in Sankt Peterrgsburg, were able to see it with their own eyes.

“Fearless horse riders and fastest horses are at the arena, - the commentator says. – the performance is so dynamic that spectators cannot relax – the show keeps them in tension. Every trick is dangerous in its own way and some of them seems unbelievable”.

As an illustration, the programme showed the trick, which is very difficult even in static, while Turkmen riders make it in full galloping, having holding the edge of leather belt at the saddle with their teeth hands-free. One foot is inserted into the loop under the under the horse belly, which is galloping around the arena and that is it!

- It is difficult to make something new and unique in fancy horse riding, - Edgar Zapashniy noted. But Galkynysh riders are able to surprise the most demanding public again and again making it in very artistic manner. For example, they made an outstanding trick that nobody was able to repeat so far. This is crawling under two galloping horses.

Famous actress Kristina Asmus, who was the presenter of International Festival of Circus Art “At the Fountain Square”, has shared her impression of our horsemen in the show. She said how she sympathised the horse rider who crawled under two riding ahalteke horses while being blindfold. It has to be realized what galloping horse presents itself with his power, plus there were two of them, in order to feel this breath taking moment.

Youth ‘support’ group, which was among the public, has also appeared in the programme. It was easy to be recognized by green flags, which our countrymen, much probably the students, came to the festival, having given emotional impulse and moral support to their compatriots.

Thoroughbred ahalteke horses are recognized as the modes of riding horses. For five thousand year have not been crossbred with any other breeds, having preserved and improved its beautiful and unrepeatable exterior and merits – power, endurance and speed, owing to the talent and care of Turkmen equestrian specialists.

The broadcast has also contained the footages from the Red Square in Moscow, when backon May, 2010, Turkmen horseman marched on beautiful ahalteke horse – the descendant of famous Turkmen horse, which legendary Marshall G. Zhukov used to ride receiving such long-awaited Victory Parade in 1945.

The show was continued by the story about the establishment and development of Galkynysh group, for which President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gave the best horses from his stable – elite representatives of ahalteke breed. It was planned initially not only to form up good group for spectacular performance but also to protect and pass the best horse riding traditions to the descendants and to demonstrate the beauty of ahalteke horse to the world. It meant that the group had to become the best in the world, having received the popularity and fame. It has been achieved by today owing to the efforts of our horsemen and comprehensive support of the Head of the State.

Being lineage animal trainer, Edgar Zapashniy himself has tried to make one of the stunts – the torch, that beautiful horse or the fire horse, how he is referred to as, named Kanun shows in performances of Galkynysh. The trainer has managed to do that with the horse but much probably it happened just because the horseman, who the horse trusts and obey to despite its tempered character, was next to it.

Rich collection of Turkmen horse riders has many stunts of this kind. These are the jumps and acrobatic pyramids on the back of galloping horse, the above-mentioned crawling under the belly of running horse and other. All of these are high-risk stunts but the group does not intend to stop at this. Making and rehearsals of new unique stunts and elements are planned.

People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Edgar Zapashniy was impressed in the conversation with Turkmen horsemen that the President of Turkmenistan provides the aircraft for comfortable transportation of the horses to festivals in foreign countries as well as other privileges, which ahalteke horses have in our country.

However, this is not a surprise for us. Thousands years old Turkmen history of Turkmens is closely related with ahalteke horses. The development of this unique breed indicates the highest skill of our nation as only by consolidation of efforts, talents and soul, the creation of such outstanding creature became possible.


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