Rich programme of events expects Turkmenistan citizens in September | TDH

Rich programme of events expects Turkmenistan citizens in September

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Opening of new facilities of educational sphere with participation of local artists is timed the Day of Knowledge and Students on September1; the concerts of art masters will be held in Ashgabat song and music centre and in the velayats.

Various sport competitions as well as cultural and mass actions under the month of traffic safety are planned in September. The ‘Korean Week’ events will be held in the first decade of the month in Ashgabat. Rich programme of September events includes the activities dedicated to the opening of profile exhibitions, new living houses and other social and production facilities.

Extensive cultural programme has been prepared for International rally Amul – Hazar 2018, bicycle and field and track races along the Great Silk Road. It will be finished by the concert of the art masters in Avaza National tourist zone on September 15. On the same day, the award ceremony of the winners of national artistic contest and conferring of honoured titles to cultural and art personnel as well as celebration concert will be held in Ruhiyet Palace of Turkmenbashy city.

Various cultural events are prepared for the first session of the People’s Council and the Independence Day of the country.


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