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President of Turkmenistan: Lifting National Education System to Global Level - a Priority in State Policy-making

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I express to you my congratulations on Knowledge and Students’ Day, and on the beginning of the new academic year 2018-2019, states Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in his address to schoolchildren, students, teachers and educational personnel.

We identified lifting the national education system to the global level in terms of quality and content, in compliance with international standards, as a priority vector in state policy-making. We are conducting major reforms, tackling most important issues related to ensuring physical and mental health of young people, educating the younger generations in the spirit of patriotism and learning to that effect.

The strategic objective of the education policy that we pursue is to strengthen the political, economic and cultural foundations of the state; to harness the scientific and educational potential to take the country to a new level of development. Modern secondary, vocational and higher education institutions are being built in Turkmenistan; tremendous experience has been gained in using best practices in education and information technology, and in improving the educational level and creative activity in the society. Implementing joint programs and projects together with major international organizations and leading research and education centers serves to enhance the international standing and to raise the global profile of independent Turkmenistan. We will pursue further reforms in education against the backdrop of intensified fruitful international cooperation and the fulfillment of new programs with different countries on the regional and global level, the address highlights.

With regard to contemporary challenges and prospects for development of the national economy, new fields of study are being introduced in universities. Students travel abroad to study in foreign universities, if necessary. Under the Program of the President of Turkmenistan for the Socio-Economic Development of the Country in 2018-2024, work continue towards fulfillment of the concept of development of a digital education system that aims to modernize and lift the educational activity to the global level; and towards fulfillment of the concept of improved teaching of foreign languages.

Public care for young people contributes to shaping the generation loyal to the Motherland, the people, the ancestral traditions and national customs. This is a generation of inspired and hard-working young people who seek to pursue good education and qualifications.

Schoolchildren and students participate in international academic Olympiads, scientific and creative contests, cultural and sporting events, and win medals. We are proud of talented young people who admirably represent our country abroad!
During its centuries-long journey, the Turkmen people have created material and spiritual assets that, along with science, education and art, have developed into an endless treasury, a cultural heritage, a school of formation. Science and education especially flourished in the ancient cities – Merv, Nusay, Koneurgench, Abiverd, Serahs and Dehistan – and villages located along the Great Silk Road where residents were infamous for their strive for knowledge.

Education is particularly important for our people, as it is regarded as the key to happy and prosperous future. People of the noble profession – teachers – enjoy special respect. We hold in high regard the selfless and creative work of lecturers who educate the generation that will carry on ancestral traditions and glorify our country through study and creative efforts. It is duty of teachers and educational personnel to instill the love for Motherland and the motivation to learn and be productive in the hearts and minds of the younger generation; to raise them by example of our wise and well-educated ancestors, stressed the President in his address.


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