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Asian Games: three days to the final, the contest is continued

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Sportsmen from Turkmenistan took part in in judo and kurash wrestling competitions of XVIII Summer Asian Games continued in the capital of Indonesia.

Gulbadam Babamuratova represented our country in women judo in the weight category up to 52 kg. She successfully took over the wrestler from Kyrgyzstan. Throughout the fight, our girl was more active than her opponent, always attacking and looking for the moment for final throw. After she managed to do the hold counted as ‘vazari’, it was just a matter of technique to bring up the fight in logical end. In the contest for semi-final, our sportswoman had collar-bone injury and was not able to continue.

Kurash wrestling competitions are continued. 19-year old Gulnabat Nasyrova took over the wrestler from Mongolia in the weight category up to 63 kg. Even though her opponent was very pushing in the end, having shortened the gap, but Turkmen girl did not allow her doing more. In 1/8 final, our compatriot had made clear throw on shoulders but the moment before, the referee stopped the fight. 14 seconds before the end of the fight, her opponent got one more point, which did not allowed G. Nasyrova continuing the competitions.

Four other Turkmen kurash wrestler will start the competitions next day.

It is three days left until the end of the competitions. Turkmen judo wrestlers will join the tournament of August 31 and sambo competitions are starting on the same day.


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