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New issue of profile magazine speaks of the main architectural releases of the year and construction innovations

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Regular issue of magazine “Construction and Architecture of Turkmenistan” presents the review of the key events in construction of large facilities in our country, realization of big infrastructural projects reflecting innovative engineering solutions and new technologies and speaks of the developments of national scientists on provision of seismic safety, invention of innovative construction materials and tendencies of the world development of the industry.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov orients architectural and construction complex to the development of the advanced world practice and creative thinking of the traditions of national architecture as the appearance of our cities and villages has to reflect social and economic progress of the country and creative and intellectual potential of the nation on one hand and from another hand to bear unique features of Turkmen culture and its richest heritage. Articles of the magazine published in Turkmen, English and Russian languages by the Ministry of Construction and Architecture speaks of its practical application starting from the idea until putting of new buildings and other facilities to operation.

Involvement of specialists of different structures of the department and relative branches to the author team gives business tone and professional character to the magazine. Competent approach became the guarantee of the authority of the magazine, however every publication is built in the way to interest the widest reading audience. Excellent design, owing to which the issue received its own style and became well recognized among numerous medias of the country, is worth special mentioning.

New issue is opened with the article about one of new releases of this year. This is about Turkmenbashy International Seaport, which was opened in May with the participation of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

This strategic project opens new prospects of trade and economic collaboration for all countries of Central Asia and Caspian basin supporting their active integration to the world economy and improvement of the role of Turkmenistan as an important centre of transit communications.

Architectural component of this colossal project and numerous technical innovations that were applied in the organization of the port activity and its space are worth special mentioning. Its part with passenger terminal looks like nice and respectable city shining with tinted glass and golden decoration with original construction on the mountains; background. From another side, industrial landscape with powerful console constructions of the loaders is opened from the sea side.

High dispatch tower resembles huge anchor while administration and service buildings look like snow-white cruise liners and yachts in harbour. All of these is cut by automobile and rail roads belting the port. This is how multimodal logistic hub, which meets high technological level by modern stylish image and ecological status, looks like.

Environmental protection principle is laid by Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to the basis of all industrial, transport, urban construction projects in Turkmenistan. Green status of new seaport of our country is proven by artificial bird island, which was marked by international awards. Turkmenbashy harbour is another invitation to Avaza National tourist zone, which is turning these days into large international tourist centre. The Head of the State defined the compliance of all facilities built in the coastal zone to the environmental safety requirements as one of the main terms of development.

The issue is continued by the article about the activity of the Scientific and Research Institute of Seismic Construction. The reader will learn the objectives of the laboratory of the Institute, the tests thy make and how and where the developments, instructions and rules are implemented in practice.

The policy of provision of wealthy and happy life of Turkmen people, formation of necessary infrastructure in the cities and villages, which meets international standards, is under «Täze zaman» article. Numerous construction, especially comfortable living houses, which are built recently by the complexes, are bright symbols of successful realization of this streategy of the Head of Turkmenistan.

This is visually indicated by living estate «Täze zaman» in Bagtiyarlyk etrap of the capital. Its construction was made by stages increasing the number of families who received new living. In addition to one thousand of two and one-storey houses with land plots, it has the hospital and cultural club, schools, kindergartens, sport complex, shopping centre and shops, as well as modern road and transport network.

Such model of living estates that was successfully tested and implemented by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov allowed to keep up with traditional customs of Turkmen nation’s living where people has auxiliary constructions, small garden, open air stove next to the house. It also leads to the removal of the borders in the living in urban and rural environment when high technologies come to the village and opportunity to live in the house with big family come to the city.

The magazine has an article on the achievements in road construction and current work of the State Concern «Türkmenawtoýollary» for building of new and reconstruction of existing roads, formation of transport and transit corridors and future plans. It includes the construction of Turkmenabat – Gazojak – Dashoguz highway (2021 – 2031), Turkmenbashy – Garabogaz – Kazakhstan highway (2018 – 2028) and Mary – Serhetabat road (2021 – 2025).

The subject of road infrastructure received historical direction in article “Caravansaries along the Great Silk Road”. The author refers to scientific and literature sources including the book of the Head of the State “Turkmenistan – the Heart of the Great Silk Road” giving interesting description of the role and arrangements of caravansaries for the completeness of reconstructed picture. “Caravan trade required complicated service, therefore, the caravansaries have been built in the cities and settlements along the route. They had the rooms for the merchants and service personnel as well as special premises for horses, camels, mules and donkeys as well as necessary food and forage supplies…”

Keeping the historical line, the turn from mediaeval trade and crafts brings us again to wide road of the present. Article “On the Level of International Standards” speaks about growing production capabilities of Turkmen entrepreneurship on the example of individual entity “Ak Hunjy” from Mary. It was the first in the country that started to produce the goods from polystyrene foam, which is widely used in construction and decorative works.

Annual capacity of the plant is 24 thousand cubic meters of heat and sound proof panels, 1.5 million meters of decorative profiles for decoration of interior, 180 thousand meters of profiles for exterior design of buildings and 120 thousand square meters of wall and roofing sandwich panels and many other products. Similar facility is currently built in Vekilbazar etrap. It is planned to be opened in the beginning of 2019. Two credit lines with 5 percent of interest with beneficial grant period have been granted for the reconstruction and modernization of existing plant of “Ak Hunjy” entity.

For the last two year, the facility has made several export supplies of the goods to Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan. It develops stable export to the neighbouring countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan. Acquiring of international certificate ISO 9001:2015 will help “Ak Hunjy” to improve its competiveness not only in local market but also will expand the geography of export supplies.

“The Giant of Glass Industry Gains Momentum” is the name of article about new facility «Turkmen aýna önümleri», which was put into operation on February 14 this year with the participation of Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. The facility has already signed the contracts with the clients from Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan. The producers establish long-term trade relations with the consumers in neighbouring countries. For example, Turkmen industry of construction materials not only fulfil the objectives set out by the Head of the State on import substitution but also increase the export potential of the country.

Very interesting materials of the magazine is published in the article dedicated to information modelling of the buildings with application of BIM technologies (Building Information Modelling) with the illustrations of the buildings erected by this method in Ashgabat. Innovative technologies in production of construction materials and wide capabilities of 3-D design allow modern architects making projects, which are unique by the concept and aesthetic.

The bionics in architecture is one of progressive and developing directions distinguished by the application of organic forms and their combination with the environment. Born in ancient times, the tendency of borrowing of architectural lines and volumes from the nature received new concept, having revealed with unusual power in the style of modern buildings.

The magazine also has articles about new projects planned to be built in Turkmenistan, results of seismic studies of Turkmen scientists, construction of modern water treatment facilities in the country. Beautiful illustrations, sketches, drawings, explanations help to get comprehensive imagination of the subject and to keep the information in the memory.


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