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The President of Turkmenistan makes a yacht trip

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In the afternoon, the Head of the State and his grandchildren made a sea ride in the Caspian on Galkynysh yacht, which captain reported on the readiness of the boat to sail to the Head of the State.

Smoothly gliding over the waves, the yacht sailed along picturesque coast with Avaza National tourist zone with all necessary conditions and amenities for recreation and improvement of health, comfort, active and family holiday. Subjects related to the formation and improvement of international class sea resort, development of its infrastructure and realization of huge recreation potential in general are always in the focus of the President of Turkmensitan who initiated this grandiose by scale and intentions project.

Tourists are offered with wide spectrum of services meeting international standards in Avaza National tourist zone. In addition, it cannot help mentioning favourable environment of the resort and wonderful natural factors like fresh air, clean gold beaches, sea and sun baths. Beautiful view of Caspian Sea is inspiring and charms with its pristine beauty. All of these guarantee the excellent holidays giving the charge of vivacity, good mood and feeling for a long time. Thousands on Turkmenistan citizens as well as foreign guests of our country come here every year. It is remarkable that comfort conditions, high-class services and cultural leisure are guaranteed not only in summer period or during “Indian summer” but almost all year around.

At the same time, recently, Avaza National tourist zone received the status of business, cultural and sport centre, having become also the centre of various high-level meetings and different international events.

Today, comfortable sea resort rapidly growing on Caspian coast is by right thought to be the symbol of success of progressive government policy, steadily implemented under the leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. Large-scale changes that embraced all regions of the country with ecological aspect as integral and important component are direct outcomes of this innovative social and economic strategy.

Beautiful view was opening from the yacht to architectural ensemble of Avaza with the number of first-class hotels, children recreation camps, cottage compounds, health and recreation centres, park and entertainment complexes. During sea ride, the Head of the State with his grandchildren was looking around picturesque view of Avaza, which turned into paradise these days and the place of attraction of Turkmen citizens and numerous guests of our country.

In that moment, bright performances of the art masters expanded at the shore in honour of remarkable events. After it was finished, evening sky of Avaza was lit up by bright firework. The participants of music events greeted the President on board of snow-white yacht, which smoothly cutting the waves continued its way through the sea…


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