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Turkmen leader reviews the activity of Kazan Technical Park “Idea”

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Today, in the second half of the day, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has left Ashgabat International Airport for the Republic of Tatarstan of the Russian Federation on working visit.

After, three hours the aircraft of the President has landed in Kazan International Airport decorated by the State Flags of Turkmenistan , Russian Federation and Tatarstan.

Soldiers of the Guard of Honour have been lined up along the carpet from the aircraft ramp. Girls in national dresses presented the President of Turkmenistan with salt and bread as well as traditional sweets and flowers.

Turkmen leader has been warmly welcomed by President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov who invited the President of Turkmenistan to make this visit.

From the airport, the motorcade of the heads of Turkmenistan and Tatarstan went to “Idea” Technical Park located in central part of Kazan next to the leading academic and educational facilities of the city.

Technical Park includes business incubator, innovation and technology centre and nono-technology centre as well as business park. The objective of this facility is to build the system of commercialization of scientific ideas. For this purpose, the Park provides local companies with necessary support at all stage of the project realization and assists in test and construction, scientific and research work making cooperation between the developers, industrial sector and investors.

Having started its activity in 2004, Technical Park stopped using the money from the budget for its activity in 2007 and after another three years, it was completely covered for the Republic of Tatarstan by the volume of investments.

At the central entry, Presidents Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and Rustam Minnikhanov have been greeted by Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan, Minister of Industry and Trade of Tatarstan Albert Karimov and Director of Innovation Technical Park Oleg Ibragimov and invited to look around the exhibition dedicated to industrial potential of Tatarstan.

Leading companies and enterprises including those that fruitfully cooperates with Turkmenistan for a long time like “Tatneft”, KAMAZ and other have demonstrated their achievements at the exhibition.

For example, Tatneft worked on the contract with the State Concern Turkmenneft at Goturdepe field since 2010, had the project of major overhaul of the well and improvement of oil wells output. Major overhaul of 38 wells has been carried out. In the result of the works and introduction of new technologies and equipment, additional oil has been produced.

At present, the sides are working on the extension of this contract. It plans to work on other 88 wells, which require major overhaul for the improvement of oil output. Participation of the company in current exhibition is a good opportunity for promotion of the services in Turkmen market.

At the exhibition of the companies, Tatneft PJSV has demonstrated the production made of fibreglass, which is supplied to Russian market and exported to the CIS and Europe countries.

Kazan is the leading aviation construction centres of Russia. It produce numerous aircrafts and helicopters, which play key role in civil aviation. The exhibition presented the production of Kazan aviation industry including airplanes, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles. Kazan Helicopter Plant, which model range includes medical helicopter Ansat used for emergency medical assistance in remote areas, presented the proposals on cooperation with Turkmenistan and modernization of helicopter fleet.

Heavy engineering and metal processing, chemistry and petrochemical production, oil production and electrical energy are the main branches of the industry of the Republic of Tatarstan. Therefore, agricultural equipment, various equipment, samples of motor oils, gasolines, tyres, anti-corrosive pipes and other occupied important place in the exposition. Kazan Motor Construction Production Association presented gas turbine engines and power packs, gas pumping units, automatic gas distribution stations and different technological installations for fuel and energy complex.

Ford light vehicle, various models of which are produced by Ford Sollers Tatarstan Automobile Plant, has been represented at the exposition.

Presentation of the number of completed and the most perspective projects demonstrated the practice of innovative activity of Technical Park.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and Head of the Republic of Tatarstan has also visited the centre of development and production of medical robot simulator, which production has been arranged by “Eidos” centre, which was explained in details by its founder and general director Lenar Valeyev.

The Eidos started its activity in 2010 by producing vehicle simulators in Idea Technical Park. At the moment, it not only develops vehicle and aviation, rescue service simulators, specialized equipment and navigation simulators but also mastered another direction – the development and production of medical simulators.

Initiative entrepreneurs have organized the production of more than 20 medical simulators, which are supplied to the markets of Europe, Asia, USA, South America and the CIS countries. Unique simulators, designed for learning of medical care in emergency situations, is one of them. The simulator is exact copy of human body and has its skeleton structure as well as anatomic construction of human body.

Stationary robot simulator of the patient is used for development of professional practical skills of medical students as a visual guide. It is designated for modelling of various clinical situations in different spheres from anaesthesiology and reanimation to field medicine. Use of such simulators improves the quality of medical education.

Medical simulator provides the rehearsal of the operations in planned surgery. The surgeon just need to connect the flash drive with the information about the patient to the machine, which transfer this data to cloud service of the Centre of Medical Science, where it is processed by the specialists of the Eidos. On the next day, the hospital receives the module of the anatomy of certain patient with consultative support and opportunity to make virtual surgery. The Centre of Medical Science plans to process hundred thousand of virtual surgeries by this.

Production and assembly of the units of the facility as well as the work of robotic department of the company have been demonstrated to Turkmen leader.

These days, the Eidos is one of the leading Russian companies developing programme software and equipment in virtual reality sphere. It is in the best five of the world manufacturers of medical simulators. Production of the company is not only import substitutive but also exported to Europe, USA and Asia.

One of the oldest Japanese Universities – the Juntendo University is equipped with simulation hardware developed in Kazan. The company received the gratitude from Juntendo University in 2016 with regards to successful university accreditation Joint Commission International (International Golden Standard in quality and safety for medical facilities), which was mainly achieved owing to Kazan developments and equipment used in simulation centre of the university. Negotiations are also held with the SIEMENS on joint production.


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