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Latest Issue of Finance and Economics Journal Features Aspects of National Economic Strategy

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The third edition of ‘Finance and Economics’, a scientific practical journal, published by the Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Turkmen, English and Russian languages, has just come out.

The periodical features scientific, survey, informational and analytical articles, which focus on key issues concerning the development of Turkmenistan’s national economy. They are authored by distinguished Turkmen scientists and young specialists alike.

The current edition opens with an article headlined ‘Multimodal Logistics System – the Engine of National Economic Growth’, which highlights the importance of our country’s massive efforts aimed at building modern transport and communications infrastructure, and states that adequate facilities and well-developed road transport infrastructure provide everything necessary to steadily improve the country’s financial-economic performance.

One of the articles discusses various balanced methods for regulating economic relations regarded as the crucial factor for successful economic performance. In this context, particular emphasis is placed on harmonious relations between different parties involved in social production and their coordinated efforts, which are seen as enablers for stable macroeconomic development.

An article entitled ‘The Development of Accounting Practices in Turkmenistan’ looks at the ongoing reforms in this field, practical application and improvement of the national accounting standards that meet the requirements of a market-based economy and international standards.

The article emphasizes that President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s policy of positive neutrality and mutually advantageous cooperation with all interested countries, and compliance with global accounting practices and standards contribute to strengthening Turkmenistan’s relations with foreign partners and boosting its investment attractiveness.

The journal also discusses the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in Turkmenistan, creation of a conceptual framework for financial management, development of market relations in the agricultural sector, export expansion, a statistical analysis of bank crediting, etc.

Not only will the articles be a big draw for analysts, young research professionals, economic and social scientists, they will also be of great interest to non-specialist readers.


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