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Ritual moleben was held and sadaqat was given in the renovated mosque of Mary

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Ritual prayer service was held and sadaqat was given in the renovated mosque after the completed landscaping work in the administrative center of Mary velayat in accordance with the indigenous traditions of the Turkmen people.

The main cathedral mosque of the region was erected in the center of Mary in 2009 with the assistance of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov who responded to the request of the residents of the Murgab valley and allocated funds from the charitable foundation of the President of Turkmenistan for the construction of the spiritual temple. At the request of the believers, the mosque was named Gurbanguly Hadji.

The erection of a cult building is one of the facts of successful implementation of the socially oriented policy pursued by the Head of the state, strict observance of the rights and freedoms of citizens guaranteed by the Constitution of independent neutral Turkmenistan, including freedom of religion.

The white marble mosque with turquoise domes and four slender minarets is one of the city's most striking landmarks, decoration of the architectural ensemble of modern Mary - a worthy successor to the ancient Merv.

The building of the spiritual temple was built in the best traditions of national architecture. The diameter of the main dome with a mosaic ornament, crowned with a golden crescent, is 24 meters. The height of each minaret is 63 meters. The prayer hall is designed for simultaneous participation in the prayer of two and a half thousand people. The upper tier is for women. Eight columns hold a dome span of 24 meters.

Only noble materials were used when decorating internal interiors - marble, granite and precious wood. The relief epigraphy, containing the suras of the Koran and traditional Arabic calligraphy with the name of Allah, occupies a special place in the decor of the mosque. They also decorate its white marble facades. Turquoise domes are faced with majolica and are crowned with gold plated crescents.

In the complex of the temple there is a special construction for sadaqat, a building for ritual ceremonies, a hotel and other necessary structures. It is possible to escape from the summer heat in a garden with fountains, where comfortable benches are installed for rest. Cascades of fountains decorate the central staircase of the mosque.

After the landscaping works the Gurbanguly Haji mosque appeared in an updated form, even more pleasing citizens and numerous pilgrims with its magnificence.

The mosques were the first centers of science and education in the Muslim world, the focus of the spiritual life of society. As President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov notes, we are building our present day and our future in humane laws and high moral guidelines left as the inheritance of glorious ancestors. The Turkmen state creates all conditions for ensuring freedom of religion; it assists believers who annually commit a hajj, sacred for every Muslim. And today, religious buildings are designed to strengthen civil harmony in society, the continuity of centuries-old customs and traditions of the nation.

In commemoration of the event and the health of the Head of Turkmenistan, a festive sadaqat was given in the mosque of Gurbanguly Haji. The mufti of the country, the imams of all velayats and the city of Ashgabat, the venerable aksakals, deputies of the Mejlis, representatives of Mary velayat administration, hyakims of etraps and cities of the region, public organizations, etc. took part in the ritual.


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