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Festival “Music of Nury Halmamedov – Everlasting Melody of Epochs” starts in Turkmen capital

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Opening of festival “Music of Nury Halmamedov – Everlasting Melody of Epochs” dedicated to the 80th anniversary of National Artist of Turkmenistan was held in the Mukams Palace of the State Cultural Centre.

Cultural personnel came to the capital from all velayats for the participation in the event organized by the Ministry of Culture. It was mentioned at the opening ceremony that the festival in honour of outstanding composer acquires special importance in the context of the slogan of this year “Turkmenistan is the Heart of the Great Silk Road”.

Globally important initiatives of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on the restoration of this historical road that connected the civilizations of the East and West, countries and continents bot only by trade and economic relations but also by culture, stipulate the world popularization of national heritage, which concentrate the spirit and the world outlook of the nation. Cultural heritage of any nation has no borders as it is thought to be a universal one.

The art of Nury Halmamedov was a big contribution to the introduction of the achievements of our country in musical art to the world community. Owing to the talent of the composer multiplied by its endless admiration of the Motherland, the audience all over the world learn our country as we, Turkmen citizens, know it as ancient and ever young land caressed by sun and love.

The basis of vocal music of the master are melodic poetic verses of the famous Turkmen poets of XIX – XX centuries like Magtumguly, Mollanepes, Kemine, Gurbannazar Zelili. Thesis work of Nury Halmamedov, symphonic pictures “Turkmenia” played at the graduation exam in P. I. CHaykovsy Moscow State Conservatory in May 1963 by Big Symphonic Orchestra of the All-Union Radio and Television was true discovery for wide audience. Skilfully combining national traditions and unique practice of the world classics in his compositions, Nury Halmamedov achieved wonderful sounds – Turkmen music became close and clear in different parts of the planet.

The language of music art turned into universal means of human communication as it is understood without translation to people of different nationalities. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in his book “Music of Peace, Music of Briendship and Brotherhood” highlights that Turkmenistan supports the policy of good neighbourhood and development of comprehensive cooperation with all interested foreign partners. Comprehensive study of culture and art of various nations, including the music, is to support the activation of humanitarian cooperation.

International forum “Ancient Sources of Music Art” was held in the Mukams’ Palace on April 18 this year. Back then, scientists and specialists from Russia, USA, Japan, France, Korea, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan focused the attention on important role of Turkmenistan in the study of the sources of spiritual heritage of humanity and expressed the gratitude to the President of our country for the policy, which priority direction is to develop the culture and to expand international relation sin humanitarian sphere.

In today concert, the State Symphonic Orchestra and art masters performed immortal compositions of Nury Halmamedov.

Exhibition demonstrating vinyl discs and notes of the contemporaries of the composer as well as paintings, national music instruments, which accompanied Turkmen people throughout its centuries-old history, archive photos was organized under festival “Music of Nury Halmamedov – Everlasting Melody of Epochs”. Special place was allocated to the works of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov dedicated to national culture and art.


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