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Paces of the grain harvesting campaign: Lebap Velayat

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The grain harvesting campaign in the Eastern region of the country, as well as in all other velayats, takes place around the clock. The tenants and machine operators in the largest region in Lebap Velayat – Chardjev etrap achieve good results. This year, they have committed to deliver more than 60 thousand tons of selected grain to the receiving points. To date, the state order for grain harvesting has been fulfilled by almost 75 percent.

Grain harvesters in Farab Etrap have fulfilled the contractual obligations up to 70 percent, in Darganata Etrap – 65 percent.

The tenants of Magtymguly Peasant Association in Darganata Etrap, Lebap Velayat were the first to report on the fulfillment of the contractual obligations.

In general, in the velayat, dozens tenant groups have fulfilled their contractual obligations. This year, the Lebap residents have committed to deliver 350,000 tons of wheat to the receiving points of the Fatherland. Since the beginning of the harvesting campaign, more than 180,000 tons of grain have been delivered to reception points.

Having completed the harvesting campaign on their plots, hundreds of the best tenants in the velayat received 40-60 and more centners of high-quality wheat from each hectare, exceeding their contractual obligations. Among them are J. Rahmankuliyev (Dyanev Etrap) who gathered more than 60 centners of wheat, G. Bazarova (Chardjev etrap) who gathered more than 60 centners of wheat, and many others.

A part of winter grain is grown on the developed virgin lands on the right bank of the Amu Darya River. In the process of work of all parts of the harvesting and transport complex, including more than 360 harvesters, special attention is paid to prevent losses during the harvesting campaign, transportation of grain to the receiving points and in the process of its storage.

All necessary conditions are created to ensure this. In recent years, powerful, well-equipped granaries, modern elevators, as well as refrigeration complexes for long-term storage of fresh vegetables, fruits, melons and water melons have been put into operation in the velayat.


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