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Rates of grain harvest campaign: Ahal Velayat

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As for today, almost 112 thousand hectares were thrashed, which makes more than half of the fields, and 227,000 tons of food grain were picked.

High rates of the campaign is maintained in farmers associations of Tejen etrap – one of the breadbasket of the region. Great crop yield has been grown on entire territory of 43,900 hectares grain area. It gives confidence in the achievement of the objective to deliver more than 92 thousand tons of grain.

It is worth mentioning that this year, the farmers prepared for the campaign with great responsibility. The main load falls on the machine operators these hot days. 110 powerful grain harvesters moves back and forward across the wheat fields all day around. They are supported by 550 trucks, which deliver the grain to reception facilities and elevators.

Ak Bugday etrap, the historical birth place of Turkmen wheat, also relies on high-productive equipment. Its fleet has 111 machines; mainly these are «John Deere» (USA) and «CLAAS» (Germany) harvesters, which were well-recommended in Turkmen fields and their reliability and efficiency have been appreciated by the farmers. The winter crops occupy 39 thousand hectares in the etrap. According to contractual terms, local farmers have to produce 89,000 tons of grain. At the moment, they have thrashed around 51.3 thousand tons of the wheat.

Gyoktepe and Sarakhs etraps are the leaders of the mowing in Ahal Velayat. More than 16 thousand tons of grain were harvested from 12.1 thousand hectares by today in Gyoktepe etrap and 28.6 thousand tons were thrashed on 20.5 thousand hectares in Sarakhs. Therefore, undertaken obligations have been completed by more than 60 percent. In general, around 24,750 tons of the wheat per day are delivered to the reception facilities in the region.


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