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160 families celebrate house-warming party in new living complex of Anau

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Standard 4-storey buildings were designed based on constructive solutions of laying of foundation, roof and walls. Modern insulating materials were used for the finishing. Every house has modern comfortable conditions for the tenants.

The complex of new buildings includes 5 houses with 32 apartments each. They were built by the order of Ahal Hyakimlyk by Ahalgurluşyk Production Association and Beyik-bina and Çynar gurluşyk private companies.

Total area of the houses is 5,110 square meters. Every building has two-, three- and four-rooms apartments with all conditions for comfortable life. The plan of development of new living estates stipulates proper social and living infrastructure and all conditions for active and useful rest of the tenants.

Special attention is paid to beautification of adjoining territory. It has benches, flowerbeds, street lightings, walkways and roads. It also has a place for social events.

Opening of modern living complex in Anau was held in celebration atmosphere. Art bands made performance for the participants and new tenants were congratulated by the heads of local and city administrations, non-governmental organizations and by the elders.

Recently, the blocks of similar four-storey buildings are under construction and opening in Anau. Cottage type houses are also built there as well as all over the country under affordable mortgage.


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