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Turkmenistan hosts the events dedicated to the Victory of the Great Patriotic War

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According to good traditions, cities and towns of the country honour the memory of the heroes lost in war and the veterans. This remarkable date occupies important day of national calendar as a symbol of patriotism and courage of Turkmen people, its invariable commitment to the principles of peace-loving and creation, wise advices of the ancestors.

Prior this glorious day, educational facilities of Turkmenistan held the meetings with representative of elder generation, thematic exhibitions, literature sessions. The veterans of those years as well as workers of the home front and widows received monetary awards and valuable gifts on behalf of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

According to good traditions, heads of non-governmental organizations, Mejlis deputies, representative of working collectives and clergy, honoured elders, students, residents and guests of the capital including sons, daughters and grandchildren of the war heroes gathered at «Halk hakydasy» Memorial Complex to honour the memory of the warriors who did not make it back home from the most bloodshed war in the history. The heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Turkmenistan were among the participants of the event.

The war veterans as well as those who worked hard days and nights in rare front bringing the Victory closer were the heroes of the event.

Young warriors, the successors of military traditions of Turkmen nation and patriotic precepts of our brave ancestors stood the guard of honour. The State entrusted them protection of its borders, peaceful sky and independence won by thousands of human lives.

The culmination came and the flowers from President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov was laid to the pedestal of «Baky şöhrat» Monument. War veterans, heads of non-governemental organizations and deputies of national Parliament, foreign diplomats, representatives of numerous working collectives, sons and grandchildren of the warriors of the Great Patriotic War came to bow the head for the memory of the heroes and lay flowers to the monument.

In few minutes, beautiful flowers covered the pedestal of the Monument with bright carpet.

We bow our heads for national heroes and honour their unprecedented feat. Glorious martial way made by our ancestors is the school of patriotism, selfless dedication to native land and honourable service to the Motherland.

Flowers laying ceremonies and traditional food donations were held in all cities and town of the country to honour the 73rd anniversary of the Great Victory.


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