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Architectural character of time: new quality of life and new life of traditions

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A new issue of the journal “Construction and architecture of Turkmenistan” continues to highlight the stages of the implementation of the city planning policy, creating the picture of time in the erected buildings and constructions that adorn the look of our cities and villages, the whole country, embodying the new quality of people’s life.

Comfort, rationality, functionality, beauty, reliability, advanced engineering solutions, environmental standards are the main characteristics of the ongoing construction of residential areas, administrative and industrial complexes, sports and other social facilities, transport infrastructure, etc. The new issue of the journal accumulates the key trends of the scientific and practical work in this field, covering the history, traditions and the present day of the Turkmen architecture, the various trends in the development of the domestic building materials industry, the introduction of innovations and training of profile highly qualified personnel.

The article "Ashgabat development projects - a model of integrated city planning" that opens the new issue is dedicated to the prospective plans for the development of the capital. The article reviews the main tasks on the improvement of the living conditions of the population, and the measures taken in this direction, as well as the new architectural plans. Among them are fashionable hotels with business centers.

Another publication in the journal tells about the new air harbor in Turkmenabat, which was erected by the Gundogdy individual enterprise, a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan.

The article "Types of aviation hangars" represents the development of a separate direction in the construction of transport infrastructure facilities.

The new issue of the journal tells about the improvement of work of the public services of the country and its specialized services.

Another aspect of the urban space development - business environment is considered in the article about a modern office area, opened with the participation of the President of Turkmenistan in Ashgabat in February this year. A new trade and administrative complex that includes about a hundred of buildings erected by the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan represents a business park that will become another center of business life, the wholesale and retail trade, as well as an urban element in the northern part of the Turkmen capital that expands its boundaries.

The intensive development of Ashgabat, which turns into a dynamic megapolis has required the changes in the administrative-territorial division of the city. The article "Dynamic development of the main city of the country" tells about the restructuring in this area.

The construction complex of Turkmenistan is one of the most capital-intensive sectors of the national economy of the country, characterized by the high investment activity. Today, the construction focuses on the creation of an infrastructure platform for the further industrialization of the national economy, expanding transport communications, increasing production capacity in the field of production of import-substituting and export products, and increasing exports.

At the same time, the scientific and technical potential of the industry is growing, the assortment of building materials produced by domestic producers from local raw materials is increasing. This is considered in the article "Production of demanded building materials - one of the aspects of Turkmenistan's industry diversification".

"The Pages of History" section of the new issue of the journal, published by the Ministry of Construction and Architecture of Turkmenistan, presents an article about the book "Turkmenistan is the heart of the Great Silk Road" by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

The material "Monuments of the Great Silk Road in medieval written sources" provides an overview of the research works carried out by Turkmen and foreign scientists in this field at different times.

The new issue of the journal, published in the Turkmen, English and Russian languages, presents an article on the information technologies in the architectural design, where various computer design and modeling programmes are widely used today.

The article "The Issues of Standardization of the National Architecture and Construction Terminology" raises important tasks for the effective management of the industry, given its integration into the world profile structure and the necessity to unify the terminology systems of the Turkmen language in accordance with the international standards.

The section "Achievements" presents an article about a large complex on the production of gas-concrete products and dry construction mixtures, built by a member of the Union of Industrialists and Manufacturers of Turkmenistan - "Ukyply kärdeşler" Individual Enterprise in the Baharden etrap in Ahal velayat.

Thus, having a huge potential of natural resources, Turkmenistan creates a powerful industry on the production of building materials, constantly expanding their range.


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