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Set of measures on the development of fish farming is outlined in Turkmenistan

опубликованно 29.03.2018 // 821 - просмотров

During the session of the Government, Vice-premier K. Durdymyradov who supervises the industrial sector reported on the measures for the development of fish farming in the country. The companies of the State Fishery Committee caught 555 tons of fish from the beginning of the year, which exceeds the index of the same period of the last year.

The Vice-premier also reported on the joint work with scientific and research institutes of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan on the study of the world practice of artificial fish growing in internal water reserves and in Caspian Sea in special nets and on the development of new types of the fish forage under these conditions.

It was also informed on the measures for the support of the entrepreneurship in growing of fish in artificial conditions, particularly in the issue of 21relevant licenses to the number of the facilities and the realization of 25 tons of young fish for this purpose.

In addition, the report contained the information on the announcement of international tender on the construction of the complex for artificial growing of the sturgeon and fish production in Guvlymayak settlement of Balkan Velayat as well as fish canned product workshop in Balkanbalyk State Business Entity.

In this regard, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that the utmost attention is paid to the improvement of the food production segment of national economy including fishing industry, which is financed by big investments. Recently, owing to renovation and provision of branch business entities and establishment of large industrial facilities based on innovative technologies, the volumes of fish catch are systematically growing as well as the efficiency of the measures aimed at the growing of fish in the ponds and at quality fish production.

Having focused on the necessity of active involvement of national entrepreneurs in this field, the President gave specific instructions on the construction of new fishery facilities to the Vic-premier.


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