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International observers: elections are held in quiet atmosphere at the high organizational level

опубликованно 26.03.2018 // 1284 - просмотров

The missions of observers from the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, who monitored the election campaign and elections of the Mejlis deputies held a press conferences for the representatives of the Turkmen and foreign media.

Speaking during the press conference, the Heads of Missions expressed gratitude to the government of the country and the Central Election Commission for the invitation to participate in the most important socio-political event. They expressed satisfaction with the organization of the elections in Turkmenistan that were held on the wide alternative basis, under the open and transparent conditions, and with high turnout. According to the participants of the meeting, the invitation of international observers is considered as the aspiration of our country to ensure the maximum transparency of the current campaign and the democratic nature of the electoral process.

As was noted, the evaluation is objective and corresponds to the real picture of the preparations and organization of the elections. According to those speaking, the conclusions are based on the analysis of the national electoral legislation, the direct observations and factual material collected by the Mission members during their stay in our country.

It was noted that the national electoral legislation has been improved in recent years, the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan meets to the universally recognized norms of the international law and stands as the reliable legal basis to guarantee the free and open expression of will of citizens.

The special emphasis was placed on the fact that three political parties and the candidates representing the groups of citizens took part in the elections for the first time.

It was also underlined the organizational work of the Central Election Commission and the electoral commissions of all levels, the competent legal and information support of the process of preparation and holding of elections. The increased level of the democratic character of the election campaign was emphasized.

The members of the Missions focused on the high-quality information support of the election campaign by the domestic media. It was emphasized that the elections in Turkmenistan were held in the quiet atmosphere, in the correct form and at the high organizational level.


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