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Turkmen clubs starts paying in Asian Football Confederation Cup

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Altyn Asyr and Ahal football clubs held first matches in D group of in Asian Football Confederation Cup.

Current champion of Turkmenistan – Ashgabat club Altyn Asyr hold starting games in Kyrgyz city Osh against local Alay, which is also the leader of his country in this sport. The match was the most resultative in the first leg of group games.

Our football players has confidently started the games and the best scorer of Turkmenistan in 2017 Murat Yakshiyev has opened the score on the 11th minute. After, Altymurad Annadurdiyev hit another goal to Kyrgyz team after excellent combination. One goal was won back by the hosts, however the next attack resulted in double by A. Annadurdiyev, having increased the advantage.

In the beginning of the second half, the Alayhas closed the gap to the minimum. After, the team have exchanged other goals. M. Yakshiyev hit his second goal and the score became 4:3. After some substitutions made by Head Coach of Altyn Asyr Yazguly Hojageldiyev, our players made another two resultative attacks. A. Annadurdiyev and Begmyrat Bayov hit their goals. Final result is 6:3, which is an excellent beginning of the tournament for our capital team.

Ahal football club had to play against the champion from Tajikistan Istiklol – the finalist of the last AFC Cup. The match was held in Dushanbe and our team that was qualified to the group leg of the competitions demonstrated good game.

Having conceded the goal in the first half, the players of Ahal did not give any opportunity to the competitor to raise the score but also were not able to equalize it. The match ended up with minimum advantage 1:0 in favour of Tajik team.

By the results of the first leg, Ashgabat Altyn Asyr leads in D group outrunning Istiklol by number of scored and missed goal; it is followed by Ahal and Alay ends up the four.


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