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The President of Turkmenistan congratulates females with International Women’s Day

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Bright celebrations and events dedicated to this wonderful holiday are filled with special meaning in the year with the slogan “Turkmenistan – the Heart of the Great Silk Road”, - the message of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed to the women of the country says.

Turkmenistan has richest historical, cultural and spiritual heritage. The merit of our women is in its careful protection, study, popularization and passing to the future generations. Carpets, embroideries, elements of folk craft with deep content, dancing and singing art of kushtdepdy created by them are our national heritage, - the message mentions.

In modern age, our women and girls honestly and successfully work in the Government authorities, management sphere and different branches of economy, science and education, culture and health protection participating in successful realization of national and state programmes.

Respect to dear mothers, girls and women is inherent to our national mentality throughout the centuries. Provision of rights and interests of women, support of family and maternity are important indicators of the progress level of the society. Therefore, these objectives are one of the priority directions of the state policy. Our women are awarded with «Zenan kalby» Order and conferred with honoured title «Ene mähri» for special merits to the state and society, great work achievements, public life and upbringing of the generations devoted to the homeland. Families with many children are presented with new living houses with all amenities.

Our state actively expands constructive dialog with competent international organizations, first with the United Nations specialized structures and agencies. We responsibly approach the protection of rights and interests of mother and child, to implementation of the objectives oriented at specific targets in gender policy. Election of Turkmenistan to the Executive Committee of the UN Children Fund (UNICEF) as well as to the Commission for Women Status are historical events comprehensively consolidating the role of the country in the world development, the message highlights.

Huge merit of our der mothers is in education of growing generation in the spirit of patriotism and humanity. Their guidance, which is to do good, to love work, to be honest and to respect the elders are important for the education of growing generation in the spirit of high morale and patriotism. We are proud of women devoted to family hearth and would always take care of their prosperous and happy life, - the message mentioned.

Finishing congratulation message, Turkmen leader wished all females good health, happiness, family wealth and great success in the activity for the prosperity of the country.


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