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VII Turkmen-German Health Care Forum in Berlin

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The regular VII Turkmen-German Health Care Forum held in Berlin on March 5-6 focused on the outcomes of the bilateral cooperation in the applied medicine sphere and new areas of cooperation.

This format of cooperation allowed deepening the successfully developing partnership between the colleagues in Turkmenistan and Germany, drafting joint projects on the modernization of the health care system of Turkmenistan, applying the advanced technologies and equipment and training academic personnel and highly-qualified specialists.

Particular attention during the forum was paid to the orthopedics, including the children’s orthopedics, and physiotherapy. The reports on the status of these areas of medicine in Turkmenistan and Germany, the preventive and curative interventions, the today’s assistive technology, and the specifics of staff training among others were presented during the forum.

The programme of the working trip of the Turkmen delegation that included the heads and specialists of the state structures, scientific and clinical centers, sanatoriums and medical institutions, teachers also included the visits to the Marzan Trauma Clinic and the Ottobock Science Center in Berlin.

In recent years, many dozens of Turkmen doctors have been trained and retrained in German clinics, and today the parties are focused on activating such academic communication in medical practices on sites.

The Turkmen-German forum has been held regularly since 2011 within the framework of the Cooperation Agreement between the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan and the Federal Ministry of Health of Germany. The forum agenda is developed given the current tasks of the health care industry. The decisions taken during the meetings are implemented in various health care areas.

The previous, VI forum, which was held in Ashgabat in November, 2016, was dedicated to the prevention & Control of NCDs, in particular diabetes, onco-hematology and endocrinology diseases. An important issue discussed was also resistance to antibiotics.

The International Center for Endocrinology and Surgery of the Directorate of International Medical Centers was opened in Ashgabat with the participation of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on 1 September, 2017. The participation of German professors in the opening ceremony vividly proves that the proposals discussed during the forum are implemented in real life.

Over 30 German professors worked at the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games held in the Turkmen capital with high sports results. Together with local specialists, they provided highly qualified assistance to athletes.

Among them is a professor from Munich, Dr. Klaus Parhofer, who also attended this year’s forum. In his interview to the State News Agency of Turkmenistan, the professor noted: “I have visited Turkmenistan many times and sincerely fell in love with this beautiful country with very kind and hospitable people. In recent years, literally before my eyes, Ashgabat has turned into a megalopolis with the magnificent architecture, has become a unique medical city with ultra-modern, high-tech centers, sometimes surpassing well-known German clinics in its equipment. I'm incredibly proud that I'm involved in creating the perfect public health system of the world level in your country.

“Since 2008, I have been cooperating with Turkmen colleagues, and we are planning to continue the joint research in the field of gestational diabetes, and this work will be conducted not only in the capital, but also in the regions. I am pleased to note how the professionalism of Turkmen doctors, who have the innovative equipment and the latest achievements in the human health science at their disposal, has grown during this period.

“Seven forums that we have held have confirmed that our cooperation is effective in many important areas of health care and medicine. In this regard, I would like to express my deep gratitude to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for the comprehensive support provided to such partnership, the attention paid to the development of healthcare in the country and the quality of medical services that meet the best European standards. Due to the policy pursued by the Turkmen leader, your country has achieved such impressive results in establishing the national model of healthcare based on the best foreign experience that can serve as an example to many countries.


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