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Presentation of book «The Doctrine of Arkadag – a Basis of Health and Inspiration» is held in Turkmen capital

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Conference hall of Magtumguly Turkmen State University hosted the presentation of book «The Doctrine of Arkadag – a Basis of Health and Inspiration». Members of the Government, deputies of the Mejlis, heads of the ministries and departments, non-governmental organizations, political scientists, representatives of art intelligentsia, sport sphere, universities and mass media took part in the event.

The purpose of new publication presenting the levels of growth of national sports in unbreakable connection with home and foreign policy of the country is to reveal the concept of nation-wide programme of the development of physical training and health improving movement.

Chapter «Eternal Song of the Centuries» formulates philosophic foundations, outlines scientific and practical aspects of large-scale activity of the Head of the State on the formation of healthy society. At the same time, the statements of the Head of the country on the role of physical training and sports in human life from ethical and aesthetic point of view have been taken as the main idea of the book.

The book reflects steadfast measures taken by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for the development of international sport movement, which is important aspect of peace-making policy of independent neutral Turkmenistan. In this context, strong consolidating factor of sports uniting people around high humane ideals is highlighted.

It was mentioned in the speeches of the participants of the presentation event. It was noted that considerable part of the book present the tour to the history of the last decade that was marked by the adoption of constructive measures for the development of national sports and important events, which bring us closer to the triumph of Ashgabat 2017 Games. It includes the improvement of legal framework of the sphere, creation of its equipment and facilities base, popularization of healthy life style, organization of professional training of coaches and sportsmen development of various sports including winter sports, formation of relative modern infrastructure meeting international standards and many other.

The participants of the presentation noted that progressive policy pursued by the President of Turkmenistan in this direction brings actual results. This is spoken about on the pages of new publication dedicated to the construction of sport facilities, particularly the Olympic village, which unique facilities were entered to the Guinness World Records Book.

Numerous chapters gave wide review of the events forestalling V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. The readers will be able to get the information about international competitions, large-scale actions, equestrian ride, volunteers’ movement, symbols, logo and mascot of the Games and other held in that period.

Representatives of art intelligentsia noted the role of Ashgabat 2017 Games in popularization of national cultural heritage, original traditions of Turkmen nation, which also was reflected in such chapters of the book as «Beauty is a Feeling and Gift», «Rich and Generous Nation», «Sports is the Key to Culture», «Sport Games Originated from the Sources of the Nation».

The speakers fairly said stated that the significance of triumphant 2017 Asian Games in our country is much wider than only sport sphere as multiplier effect of this big forum already reflects in all sides of the life of our state.

It was highlighted that book «The Doctrine of Arkadag – a Basis of Health and Inspiration» is not only dedicated to the history that includes Ashgabat 2017 Games but also looks to the future. It mentions the importance of new initiatives of the Head of the State in the year held under the slogan “Turkmenistan – the Heart of Great Silk Road”. In this regard, the participants of the presentation paid special attention to coming International rally «Amul – Hazar 2018», which according to the proposal of the Head of the State would run along this ancient caravan route.

The speakers noted illustrated presentation of new book published by Turkmen State Publishing Service in Turkmen, English and Russian languages. It contains numerous photographs reflecting different sides of life of our state related to the realization of its strategic course aimed at the strengthening of the health of the nation, development of mass physical training and sport of high achievement.

Thematic exhibition was expanded in the hall of Magtumguly Turkmen State University on occasion of the event. Celebration atmosphere was highlighted by the performance of art band of the university.


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