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The President of Turkmenistan and the Prime Minister of Pakistan discuss key aspects of cooperation

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Administration centre of Mary Velayat hosted the talks between President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Shahid Hakan Abbasi who arrived to our country for the participation in the launch of construction of new facilities – Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan – India gas pipeline, power and fibre optic lines Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan as well as in the opening of Serhetabat – Turgundy railway.

After official photography ceremony on the background of the State flags of two countries, the talks between the President of Turkmenistan and the Head of Pakistan Government took place in one-on-one format.

Having highlighted his pleasure to welcome the Head of Pakistan Government in Turkmen land, the Head of the State expressed the gratitude to Prime Minister Shahid Hakan Abbasi for accepted invitation to visit Turkmenistan and to take part in the ceremonies on occasion of remarkable events, which would be written in the history of interstate relations with golden letters.

Having noted the importance paid by our country to cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stated with delight productive character of Turkmen – Pakistani dialog that received rapid dynamics of the development owing to the efforts of the sides.

Having expressed the gratitude for the invitation to visit Turkmenistan and cordial welcome and hospitality, the Prime Minister of Pakistan made special mention of personal contribution of the Head of Turkmenistan to the consolidation of traditionally friendly interstate relations that receive new features and content at present.

Farther in the conversation, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and high-rank guest discussed different aspects of cooperation of two countries including in political and diplomatic sphere, trade and economic, cultural, humanitarian and other fields.

Exchange of the opinions of topical issues of regional and international politics that present mutual interest also took place during the talks.

It is worth mentioning that the visit of the Prime Minister of Pakistan to Turkmenistan is considered by both sides not only as an important step in further development of interstate cooperation but also as a sign of strengthening friendship and brotherhood between two nations, which are connected by deep historical roots and similarity of culture and traditions. Current specific reason of the visit of the Head of Pakistan Government indicates the aim of both countries to active cooperation in wide spectrum.

Today, Turkmenistan and Pakistan demonstrate the intent to use comprehensively existing resource, economic and intellectual potential that creates all prepositions for realization of big joint projects in different spheres. In this regard, it is necessary to mention the importance of the project of TAPI and power line Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan. Transport and transit sphere is quite perspective also as Pakistan serves as the shortest route to the Ocean for Turkmenistan while Turkmenistan is the gate to Central Asia and CIS countries for Pakistan.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan highly appreciates and supports neighbourhood policy of our country, which is based on the principles of positive neutrality and on the initiatives of Turkmen leader aimed at the consolidation of peace and stability, comprehensive support of universal progress and prosperity.

This is visually indicated by Pakistan’s support of the proposals of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on formation of new model of energy security and international transport and transit corridors, which are the key factors of sustainable development in regional and global scale. In its turn, our country also comprehensively supports the efforts of Pakistan related to the consolidation of its competent and important role in international organizations, first of all in the UN.

Official visit of the President of Turkmenistan to Pakistan in March 2016 was important stage in interstate relations. The visit led to signing of number of documents aimed at further intensification of productive Turkmen – Pakistani partnership.

After private conversation, the talks were continued in extended composition with the participation of the members of the delegations of two countries.

Number of subjects of interstate partnership based on the principles of equality and mutual benefit has been discussed under the meeting held in business and constructive way. Having paid special attention to the realization of bilateral agreements achieved earlier, the sides specified priority directions of Turkmen - Pakistani cooperation considering long-term perspectivity.

Having noted the proximity of the positions of Turkmenistan and Pakistan in topical international subjects, especially those related to the consolidation of the efforts in provision of peace, stability and security, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and Prime Minister Shahid Hakan Abbasi confirmed the willingness to further close cooperation under international organizations.

Having highlighted that Turkmenistan highly appreciates competent role of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in global and regional politics, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov taking the opportunity addressed the gratitude to the Government of Pakistan for the respect to foreign course of Turkmen State and for the support of its international initiatives.

In this context, the Leader of the Nation made special mention of the importance of current visit to our country by the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, having expressed the confidence that this meeting would open wide perspectives for comprehensive consolidation of friendly and fraternal relations between Turkmenistan and Pakistan.

Having outlines the development of beneficial trade and economic relations as one of priority directions, the Head of Turkmenistan also highlighted the importance that is attached by our country to the diversification of energy industry. In this context, Turkmenistan considers Pakistan as strategically important partner in realization of big international projects for supply of Turkmen energy carriers to the world’s markets.

Prime Minister Shahid Hakan Abbasi confirmed the interest of his country in cooperation with Turkmenistan in energy sector, which is conditioned by growing requirements of Pakistan in energy resources.

It was mentioned in this regard that considerable progress has been achieved in implementation of such important energy project as the construction of transnational gas pipeline Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan – India owing to joint efforts.

Launch of construction of power line Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan will also be new step toward practical realization of the agreements achieved earlier.

Transport and transit sphere has also been mentioned among priority vectors of the partnership. It was informed that at present time, Turkmenistan and Pakistan take actual measures for formation of relative infrastructure. It opens new opportunities for transport communication in Asia – Europe direction, for activation of regional and interregional trade and economic relations.

Necessity to give specific character to the cooperation in agriculture, light and processing industry has been expressed during sharing of opinions on the perspectives of cooperation. The presence of big potential for steadfast increment of foreign trade turnover, mutual investments and establishment of productive contacts between private business circles has been stated.

In this regard, the important role of Interstate Turkmen – Pakistani commission that is to outline perspective vectors of long-term partnership has been mentioned.

Speaking of the cooperation in humanitarian field, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted that cultural relations between Turkmenistan and Pakistan have rich history and old traditions, following which the sides invariably develop the cooperation in science, education and health protection spheres. Positive experienced has been acquired in joint scientific conferences and cultural activities. These events support mutual enrichment of the cultures and proximity of the nations.

At the end of the meeting, President of Turkmenstan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahid Hakan Abbasi expressed the confidence that traditionally friendly and fraternal Turkmen – Pakistani relations would continue to be developed for the common sake, having addressed the wishes of peace, wealth and prosperity to both nations.


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