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Objectives of water management are discussed in Turkmen capital

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Agricultural Complex of the capital held the conference where the matters of further development of water sphere of the country have been discussed. Hyakims of the velayats, deputies of the Mejlis, heads and leading specialists of agricultural complex, number of ministries and departments, State Commercial Bank Dayhanbank as well as representatives of the Academy of Sciences, personnel of water management, professors and lecturers of profile universities, personnel of scientific and research institutes took part in the meeting.

During the session of the Cabinet of Ministers on February 9, the Head of the State ordered to elaborate the programme of the development of water management of Turkmenistan for 2018 – 2030. The President outlines number of topical objectives that are aimed at efficient involvement of existing potential of water management sector of the country and at the support of the improvement of this sphere. The objectives include the implementation of modern irrigation methods taking into account natural and climate conditions of the country, advanced technologies of rational water use, improvement of soil conditions and other.

Equipment and facilities base of water sector is consolidated deliberately under large-scale reforms today. Big financial means are invested for technical rearmament of this important sphere and new hydro technical facilities are opened in all velayats. Successful realization of branch projects supports efficient development of agrarian sector, increment of grain, cotton and other agricultural crops production volumes.

Therefore, water complex supplying around 25 thousand hectares of land has been put into operation in Ahal Velayat in 2016. It includes different hydro technical engineering facilities providing water intake from Karakum River and supply of necessary volumes to agricultural fields.

The first stage of works for improvement of soil condition of irrigated agricultural lands incuding 29 164 hectares in Ahal Velayat, 9 176 hectares in Balkan Velayat, 11 362 hectares in Lebap Velayat and 9 176 hectares in Mary Velayat has been accomplished in 2015 – 2017. The activity in Dashoguz Velayat involving 14 506 hectares are at the final stage.

At present time, number of facilities of “15 Years of Independence” water reserve in Lebap Velayat are at the second phase of construction. This water pool also serves as a regulator of river run-off providing unstoppable flow of water by Karakum River in certain volumes. The scope of works at the facilities of the complex is expanded and the construction of second water reserve is carried out at present.

Dyaneata Water Reserve with capacity of 47.3 million cubic meters of water for collection of flood waters is under construction in Bereket etrap of Balkan Velayat. New artificial water pool is built in Kunyaurgench etrap of Dashoguz Velayat. In addition, the sizes of Khanhovuz water pool on Karakum River and Sariyaz on Murgab River are increased expanded. This man-made lakes allow making water resource reserves and distributing it properly by seasons keeping it until the time when it is more required in agricultural fields.

According to the Programme of works on rational use of water resources in Turkmenistan and improvement of throughput capacity of Karakum River in 2015 – 2020, reconstruction of existing and construction of new water regulating facilities and pump stations are carried out along with the installation of water control and other instruments. It is also planned to build water reserve pool on 1096 kilometre of Karakum River that supplies several velayat with water.

Large investment projects of construction of modern water producing plants, water treatment facilities, pipelines and desalination plants are implemented under the General Programme of provision of pure drinking water to the settlements of Turkmenistan.

It was mentioned at the conference that according to the Programme of social and economic development of the country in 2018 – 2024, it is necessary to develop 2900 hectares of virgin lands in total. The utmost attention has to be paid to the implementation of new technologies, advanced scientific and technical developments supporting rational use of water resources for provision of the crops with sufficient water volumes in arid climate.

Particularly, it is planned to build the facilities designated for rain method of irrigation of 600 hectares in each velayat.

At present moment, the second phase of Altyn Asyr Turkmen Lake is under rapid construction. This is the largest hydro technical facility of our time. Owing to precise operation of water collectors, salinized waters flow to the lake of the lands under crops what results in reduction ground waters level, improvement of fertility and local flora and fauna.

Additionally, creation of new man-made lake in the centre of the Karakums, which is one of the greatest deserts in the world, is a positive factor in the context of environment protection supporting the improvement of ecological situation in whole Central Asian region.

Turkmenistan holds the most active position in these matters, steadily standing for the development of international cooperation in this sphere. Constructive initiatives proposed by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov at international forums including during the session of the UN General Assembly, the UN Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20, III UN Conference on Mitigation of Risk of Natural Emergency in Japan and VII International Water Forum in South Korea received wide support of the world community.

It includes the proposal on the opening of the Regional Centre of technologies related to the climate change in Central Asia in Ashgabat, for which Turkmen side is willing to provide all relevant necessary infrastructure as well as the proposal on elaboration of the UN Special Programme for Saving Aral Sea and the UN Water Strategy.

Being Chairing country of the International Fund for Saving of Aral Sea since 2017, our country also carries out active work in ecology and rational water use in Central Asia taking into account its colossal influence of social and economic development of the states in the region.

In this regard, the participants highlighted the necessity of detailed scientific studies related to the use of water of Altyn Asyr Turkmen Lake on the lands subject to salinization as well as activation of works on the development of camel breeding and other branches of livestock farming in the areas next to the lake, fishery and other.

At the same time, construction of new water reserves and other hydro technical facilities designated for creation of additional water resources, lands irrigation, water flooding of pastries, protection of the settlements, lands and agricultural facilities from mud streams are important aspects of the Programme of development of water management of Turkmensitan until 2030.

Complex of specific measures is stipulated for further technical rearmament of water industry, provision of efficient use of specialized equipment as well as for the arrangement of own production of sufficient volumes of ferro-concrete constructions and other building materials necessary for water management sphere.

The emphasis is laid upon the construction of desalination facilities for improvement of water supply of the population and lands, preparation of relative qualified specialists, engineers and technical personnel, study and implementation of advanced practice to the above-mentioned fields, creation of integrated scientific and technical information system.

The participants noted the necessity of better control of use of water resources by the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management and its branches in the velayats, improvement of personal responsibility of heads of etraps, farmers associations for the compliance to the standards and rules of water use.

Discussing the objectives of agricultural sector on modern stage of its development, the participants of the conference paid special attention to such aspects as active implementation of advanced methods of work organization providing profitability of farmers associations and further development of plant growing, poultry, meat and dairy production, food and other industries as well as agrarian science and selection, solution of social issues in rural areas, etc.

The State provides comprehensive support to the farmers making big investments to technical rearmament and modernization of entire production infrastructure of agricultural complex, development of chemical industry providing mineral fertilizers. Modern equipment, harvesters, sowing machines from the world leading producers is procured for the needs of agricultural complex.

Such methods as state procurement of production, fixed prices, beneficial taxation and crediting are used for financial stimulation of agricultural producers.

The participants of the conference highlighted the necessity of acceleration of work for the elaboration of Land Cadastre and active involvement of private business to agriculture. In this regard, it was noted that the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management together with the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the country work on the transfer of farmers associations to private form of the ownership by the request of the Head of the State.

Issue of the lands for long lease to the farmers who provide the fulfilment of contractual obligations on production of agricultural crops and establishment of agricultural stock ventures, all of these will support the foundation of the class of private landowners, users and famers. Transfer to new forms of management in rural areas, which are oriented to market relations, will fill the markets with various local products and improve export potential of agricultural complex.


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